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Buy 2016 Jeep Renegade Parts in Australia


The 2016 Jeep Renegade is one of its kind. If you want your vehicle running at its peak, you will have to replace old and damaged auto parts. Just Jeeps Auto Wreckers offers premium auto parts and accessories so that you can keep your Renegade in top condition. Our auto parts ensure durability and class. With the right choice of auto parts, you will be able to customize your Jeep any way you want. The Jeep parts and accessories will enhance the performance of your vehicle too. You don't have to spend a lot of money when you choose aftermarket Jeep parts.

Popular Renegade Auto Parts and Accessories

All-Weather Mats
The all-weather mats get designed to cover the contours of the Renegade floor. A raised level around the mat contains spills and protects the side walls. The sculpted reservoir and channels are deep and keep debris and fluids in the liner and away from the carpets.

The textured finish of the mat makes it easy to clean. The mats can be one-piece or two-piece depending on the model and make of the Jeep. The construction of the floor liner makes it wear-resistant. It remains flexible even under extreme temperatures.

Roof Cargo Basket
The roof cargo basket is a versatile accessory for your 2016 Renegade. You will be able to carry a wide range of cargo, including camping gear, luggage, and much more. The cargo basket fits the Jeep perfectly. Most cargo baskets have a 110 lbs. cargo carrying capacity. It adds extra storage space for any Jeep model and makes. The heavy-duty construction makes it durable and helps secure the cargo during transport.

Calliper Covers
Calliper covers help upgrade the appearance of the callipers. Apart from this, it also reduces the operating temperature. The covers help increase the lifetime of the callipers. Made from high-quality aluminium, the caliper covers are durable. The covers protect the wheels from brake dust. Installation is easy and guaranteed to fit the 2016 Jeep Renegade.

Tail Lights
Taillights are essential for safe driving. You should avoid driving with a non-functional or damaged tail light as it can endanger you and other drivers on the road. Driving at night or during inclement weather is challenging. The taillights will help you drive safe on the road.

Headlight and Fog Light Protection Kit
The headlight and fog light protection kit ensures the most significant protection for your Jeep Renegade when driving on the road. Debris, gravel, and rocks leave ugly scratches and chips on your Jeep. You can protect your vehicle from all this with the light protection kit.

The outer skin of the light protection kit protects against scratches. The inner layer is tough and will be able to handle even direct stone strikes. The equipment protects against discolouration, shrinking, and scuffing. The scratch-resistant surface coating ensures that the headlights and fog lights look as good as new even after many years of use. Installation and removal of the kit can get done within minutes.

Sunroof Windflector
If you want to cruise in your Jeep with the sunroof open and enjoy the wind and sun, the sunroof windflector is the right choice. The windflector will cut off the air turbulence and wind noise so that you can enjoy the drive with the sunroof open. The accessory prevents the rain from entering the sunroof opening. It also helps reduce heat buildup inside your Jeep. The aerodynamic shape and attractive finish will enhance the appearance of your vehicle. It is easy to install, and you don't require any drilling.

Custom Wheels
If you want to make a lasting impression on the road, you can choose custom wheels. The wheels get designed to give your Jeep a luxurious look and feel. The durable construction prevents deformation. The wheels are made from corrosion-resistant, sturdy materials and will last a long time. The unique design of the Jeep wheels will add a sense of depth to your Jeep. It will also improve acceleration, steering, handling, and fuel economy.

The wheels' rugged construction ensures that they don't crack even when you drive the Jeep in challenging terrain. The wheels are lightweight and will enhance your driving experience. The custom wheels are available in different styles and sizes. You can make a choice based on the model and make of your Renegade.

Wheel Spacers
The lightweight wheel spacers move the tires and wheels outwards so that your Jeep can get the perfect stance. The accessory improves the performance and looks of your vehicle. Tire and wheel spacing in the fender gets enhanced with this accessory. You will be able to negotiate off-road terrain better when you install the auto part in your Jeep.


Front Winch Bumper
The rugged front winch bumper enhances the defences of your Jeep. Built with superior material, the auto part delivers the best protection from off-road obstacles. The front bumper provides a winch mounting point. You will be able to mount the winch without any problem.

The winch bumper safeguards your Jeep against stones, gravel, and other things you encounter on the road. The superior design and style ensure that the bumper lasts a long time. Bumpers are available for the front and back of your vehicle.

Wheel Center Cap
Driving with damaged or dented wheels on the road is risky for everyone. The wheel centre cap will enhance the look of your Jeep and ensure safe driving. The cutting-edge technology provides the utmost reliability. Never buy cheap auto parts and accessories as they will not last long. You will be wasting your valuable time and money when you opt for cheap Renegade parts. The best auto parts sold in the market get tested for their quality and efficiency.

Only vehicle parts that pass the stringent tests get provided for sale. Always buy from a reputed local aftermarket parts seller. It will ensure that you get value for money.

Just Jeeps Auto Wreckers offers the largest selection of 2016 Jeep Renegade parts and accessories. The high-quality auto parts and accessories are available at competitive prices. Order online, and the auto parts and accessories will get delivered to the specified address.