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JUST JEEPS offers a wide range of transmission gearboxes and engines for all Jeep, Dodge, and Chrysler makes and models. We know the value of quality car parts and we ensure that you get the best tested, clean, and guaranteed engines and transmissions in the industry.




Although you may get a variety of options out there when it comes to engines for your vehicle, there is absolutely nothing that beats car engines from Just Jeeps. With our car engines, you stand to put yourself at an advantage with peace of mind because you know that you are getting a premium engine for your car. Whether you’re an expert looking to work on a vehicle or you’re just looking to work on your own car, engines from Just Jeeps are what you need. Just Jeeps offers premium engines for your Jeep, Chrysler, and Dodge makes which offers a lot of benefits than our competition. The prices are right and nothing can compare to the satisfaction that you get from the knowledge that your engine has all the components intact.

Jeep, Chrysler, and Dodge engines from Just Jeeps are complete and are of high-quality. There will be no need to test them, disassemble them, or even clean out any of the components as you are guaranteed that they are in perfect condition. All you have to do is to drop them straight into your car’s engine bay once you have taken them out of their crate.

More Benefits

Our collection of car engines for all your Jeep makes come in various finishes and while some customers do not even seem to be concerned about the looks of their engine as long as it works, this is not the case with everyone, especially, for those who want a high-performance car. Just Jeeps offers you a selection range that will ensure that customers get what they truly need, whether it’s horsepower, torque, or aesthetics.

Our car engines are gotten from the best sources and we have tested and verified their authenticity to ensure that all their components are in perfect condition. Every unit has been tested with respect to operability because we are committed to keeping a stock of engines in good condition. When you buy engines for your Jeeps from Just Jeeps, you will be saving cost while getting a superb fit. Our shipping policy is also a testament to our dedication to quality, as well as, excellent service.

The Best Engines

Just Jeeps has verified auto engines for all makes of Jeep, Dodge, and Chrysler that have been built by the best. The building process requires precision computer tools to ensure that our engines match the performance requirements when conducting oil pressure testing, vacuum testing, and also compression testing. Our engines are simply going to make your car feel brand new again.


One very vital part in an automobile is the transmission. The transmission refers to the component series which get their power from the car engine and, in turn, transmits the received power to the vehicle’s wheels. The truth is, your engine could be the best in the world because it has very high power and is very fuel-efficient but if there is no gearbox, then all those other components will be useless since there will be nothing to channel the energy produced to your vehicle’s wheels to cause it to move. At Just Jeeps, we know how important it is to have a transmission that is in top shape as it has a direct impact on the efficiency of any modern-day car. We are skilled experts when it comes to vehicle transmissions, their types, and how they all function and that is why we are bringing you transmissions from Just Jeeps.

How Transmissions Work

In order to transform an engine’s high speed to the speed that is required to drive the wheels of your car, you need to have a transmission gearbox. When you talk about the transmission system of a vehicle, the gearbox is the most important component.

  • Manual gearboxes

The gearboxes for manual transmissions differ from that of automatic transmissions. Manual transmissions basically come with 5 to 6 gears inside their gearboxes. Once the driver puts his foot down on the clutch, an engagement occurs between the appropriate and sliding gears. There are also higher gears and lower gears which yield high speeds and low speeds once the sliding gear engages them. In modern times, manual transmissions make use of a diagonal gear which helps the sliding gear and the main gears o remain synchronized. That way, the gears are prevented from having clashes with each other.


  • Automatic gearboxes

Automatic transmissions make use of an automatic gearbox which lets the transmission to choose the appropriate gear without needing the driver to do so. Fluid pressure in the engine is monitored by a hydraulic system which uses a torque converter to engage the appropriate gear while taking the fluid pressure of the engine into consideration. What the torque converter does is to engage the higher gears or the lower gears and this is dependent on how high or low fluid pressure is.

Transmissions from Just Jeeps

At just keeps you get the best transmissions for different car makes. We provide top-notch transmissions for Jeeps, Chrysler, Dodge cars.

  • Jeep Transmissions –

Our Jeep transmissions are strong and highly durable as is expected from Jeep vehicles. Every transmission you get from Just Jeeps has a wide range of options which you can select from to fit into your vehicle so that you can use it for any purpose or task.


  • Chrysler transmissions –

At Just Jeeps, you get great transmissions for Chrysler’s major models which come in various ratings for their performance levels. Our wide range of options will ensure that you get the best Chrysler gearboxes on the market. Simply look through our store to find any transmission that matches your taste and preference.


  • Dodge Transmissions –

Dodge vehicles are known for their speed which is why we have the best transmissions to match your Dodge car. You will get the best gearboxes from Just Jeeps because we want to ensure that your car maintains its top performance. If you’re looking to buy a quality Dodge gearbox, why not check out our store today?



When you talk transmissions, think Just jeeps because we are the best when it comes to commitment to our customers. We are focused on providing you all the technical support required at any time. We can also provide you with support staff when needed to help with your engine and transmission installation.

Our Online Catalog

Our online catalog of high-performing engines and transmission gearboxes will get you really excited.

Expert Advice

We are seasoned experts in transmissions and engines and we have links with the most credible suppliers in the car industry. Simply allow us to guide you correctly if you choose to have it done by yourself. Go ahead and place an order with at Just Jeeps.

Installation Service

At Just Jeeps, we install whatever we sell to our clients. We have tried and tested our own products on our Jeeps, as well as, having them tested on the road. They have also been put through meticulous field tests.

Professional staff

We boast the best car experts on our team. We ensure that when we put someone on our team, they have the right skills, knowledge, and experience to deliver. We are confident of the fact that we are the best collection when it comes to Jeep-based knowledge in the whole of Canada.


Just Jeeps has been active for more than two decades in the industry. We began in 1998 and have expanded in size and capacity in Canada’s largest city. Since our inception up till modern times, we have always been a group of experts and Jeep advocates who breathe and sleep Jeep.


When you buy engines and transmissions from us, you will be exposed to our wide collection of car parts for Jeeps, Chryslers, and Dodge cars. We also offer unmatched prices, as well as vehicle parts that really fit your car, its make, and its models.

We have the goal of ensuring that your Jeeping experience is the best that you will ever have. We are not just your average type of auto parts company and there are a lot of reasons for that. We are here for you every step of the way and will even reply to messages from you even at odd times. Why not shop with Just Jeeps or contact us today to prove to you how much we love Jeeps, including yours. To contact us for more info,