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Buy Dodge Caliber Accessories in Australia


The Dodge Caliber is a complete sedan available in different trim levels. It comes equipped with the best auto parts and accessories that have performed efficiently for many years. With age, most vehicle parts tend to undergo a lot of wear and tear. Vehicle parts and accessories that get damaged need to be replaced immediately. You can also choose high-quality auto accessories to upgrade your sedan or other vehicles. Upgrading the Caliber will improve its performance on the road. Most auto accessories get made for specific models and make of the Dodge, and it is best to know this crucial information before placing an order.

Whether you need a front-end grille that matches the colour of the exterior body or power accessories or steel wheels or a leather-wrapped steering wheel, Just Jeeps Auto Wreckers has everything you need and much more.
The most popular Dodge Caliber accessories include:

Tail Light Lens Spider Overlay

The tail light lens spider overlay gets manufactured using high-quality materials, which ensures enduring value. The chrome-plated finish fits the tail light perfectly. It is not suitable for use with the glass lens.

Rear Bumper Protector

The rear bumper protector offers protection against scratches, nicks, and other damaging marks on the rear exterior of the vehicle. The accessory comes complete with everything that you need for the installation.

The textured surface of the protector offers slip resistance. It comes measured and pre-cut to match the size of your vehicle. The protector adds functionality and gives the Caliber a new look. Apart from this, it will also help cover existing damage to the sedan.
The rear bumper protector gets manufactured using only the highest quality materials, which guarantees a long-lasting product that provides value. If you want to protect the rear bumper of your Dodge, it is best to opt for this protector.

Polished Push-on Oil Fill Cap

The polished oil fill cap gets made from premium materials. The cap gets made to match the exact specifications of the sedan model and make. It ensures that it fits perfectly.

Fender Trim

The sleek styling of the fender trim adds value to your vehicle. The accessory gets made from premium grade stainless steel, which protects the edges of the fender from rock and stone chips. The trim installation is easy, and only minor drilling is required to complete the process.

Door Handle Covers

If the door handle covers get worn out and faded, you need to get them replaced. The door handles are the most touched part of any vehicle, and they can get damaged after many years of abuse. Replacing the handle covers is economical and easy. The accessory gets made from moulded plastic, and this makes it durable. You don't need any special tools to complete the installation. Clean the area and press the double-sided tape into place. The cover will also help protect your hand.

Mesh Side Vents

The style and custom look of the mesh side vents enhance the appeal of the Dodge Caliber. The accessory gets precision designed to fit the vehicle. The chrome-finished auto part adds functionality to your sedan.

Side Mirrors

The side mirrors get designed using state of the art technology and high-quality materials. The accessory delivers excellent quality and is the perfect choice for different models and makes of the Dodge. No drilling or modifications required for the completion of installation.

Roof Panel

If you want the roof of your vehicle upgraded, you can choose the roof panel. The panel will make your Dodge Caliber look as good as new. The roof panel gets made from high-quality sheet metal, making it solid and durable.

Headliner Accessory Combo Kits

The headliner accessory combo kits get made from high-quality materials, which ensures durability. The accessory helps maintain the appearance of your vehicle for many years.

Fibre Optic 3rd LED Brake Light

The 3rd LED brake light will make your vehicle visible to other motorists on the road. The bright and durable LEDs will increase illumination, and the distinct look of the lights will catch the immediate attention of others driving behind you.The advanced light design will help create a customized look for your Dodge. The accessory has got engineered for easy installation. The LED bulbs are durable and efficient and will last for many years.

Hood Panels

The hood panels have a refined design and get crafted to fit your vehicle. The craftmanship of the panels is so meticulous that even the most minor details get captured. The panels will give your Dodge a new and unique look and feel.

Door Seals

The door seals are weatherstrips that prevent dust, air, water, and noise from entering your vehicle. The seals get attached to the body or door of the sedan and will enable you to control the outside environment better.The robust construction of the door seals ensures that they last long. The high-quality accessory is easy to install, and you don't need any special tools to complete the installation process.

Trunk Lid

Tailgates often get warped, dented or scratched after many years of use. If the tailgate gets damaged beyond repair, it is best to replace it with a new trunk lid. The high-quality gauge sheet metal is durable and lasts long. You don't need to change the vehicle to complete the installation process.

Sun Roof Wind Deflector

The sin roof wind deflector will help reduce air and wind noise. The custom fitting accessory will give a perfect look to your Dodge Caliber. The aerodynamic design will minimise air turbulence, and you can drive smooth and fast on the road. No drilling or other changes required to complete the installation.

You can shop with confidence at Just Jeeps Auto Wreckers, as customer service has always been our number one focus and priority. We always strive to deliver the best Dodge Caliber accessories and other auto parts at competitive prices in Australia.
We stock the complete range of auto parts and accessories from all leading brands and models. Our online inventory has made it easy to search for any auto parts you want based on the model and year of the Dodge Caliber and other vehicles.