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Dodge Caliber vs Jeep Compass: Which is Better?


Choosing between the Jeep Compass and Dodge Caliber might seem difficult. Each vehicle has some fantastic features that boost its performance on the road, making both these vehicles a popular choice. Let us look at the fantastic features of these vehicles so that you can choose wisely.

Dodge Caliber


The interiors of the Dodge Caliber are bold and have an upright style that makes it look pleasant. The door and dash designs are simple and complement the overall interior look of the vehicle.The door panel trims, storage bin, centre console, and instrument panel are well-coordinated. The cup holders get illuminated by LED lighting, making the interiors look bright.


The Caliber performs adequately with a decent ride performance and quality. The steering is good, but the engines can get a bit noisy. The gas mileage is also low compared to other vehicles in its category. The fuel economy ratings range from 22 � 24 in the city and 27 � 32 on the highway.

Quality and Comfort

The main strengths of the Dodge Caliber include the passenger space, large hatchback opening, supportive seats and a large cabin. You get plenty of headroom in the front and back, and the seats are comfortable.The vehicle is tall, and this makes it suitable for cargo. The front and back seats are of good quality and offer the driver and passenger comfort.

Jeep Compass


The Jeep Compass has been completely transformed, giving it a sophisticated and modern look. The dashboard has a large infotainment display with cleanly integrated air vents. You will find high-quality materials and stunning finishes throughout the cabin.

The USB charging points make it easy to charge your phone. The centre console is significant and enables you to keep your gear safely. The front door card has enough space to accommodate two bottles.The premium and comfortable seats can get adjusted at your convenience. As the Jeep Compass is larger than the average vehicle, you will find enough space in the second row too. The boot space is 438 litres.

The vehicle is available in different colours, and you need to check colour availability before ordering the Jeep. The height and length of the Jeep will vary depending on the trim level you choose.

The Jeep has seven seats, and you can choose cloth or leather variants. The seats have a 40/20/40 ratio, and the middle seat can get folded for more space. You can also select different wheel and tyre sizes as per your driving experience and trim levels.
The settings menu enables you to change everything automatically. The hidden air vents give the dashboard a clean and elegant look. You can adjust the climate settings using the touchscreen.

Safety and Technology

The new safety measures include adaptive cruise control, intelligent speed assistance and traffic sign recognition. Apart from this, the other outstanding safety feature is the active lane-keep assistance.The different driving modes will enable you to drive safely on any surface. The driving modes include snow, mud, and sand. The Jeep provides value for money. The standard safety features on all trim levels of the Jeep Compass include front and side airbags, blind-spot monitoring, driver attention monitoring, lane departure warning, adaptive cruise control, and rear cross-traffic alert.


The four-cylinder 2.4 � litre engine ensures a comfortable driving experience. The powertrain matches the torque, power, and economy. The smooth gearbox improves the acceleration. The Trailhawk trim has both diesel and petrol options. You can choose the standard six-speed automatic or an upgraded nine-speed automatic transmission to power the four wheels. With its rugged looks, the Compass does well both on and off-road terrain. The Trailhawk model has the best off-road capabilities. The towing capacity of the vehicle is 1500 kg.

You can choose any trim level you want based on your budget and specific driving needs. The engine and transmission will also change depending on the trim model you choose. The Jeep gets powered by petrol and diesel. The 19-inch wheels absorb bumps on any surface. It enables you to drive safely in any weather conditions. The wheels grip the surface even when you go through waterlogged roads. The driving system has a one-speed transfer case. You can choose different drive modes for mud, sand, and snow. The ground clearance is better than most SUVs in this category. The Compass is comfortable and quiet whether you drive in the city or highway. The tyre and wind noise is hardly audible, improving the driving experience.

Connectivity and Infotainment

The infotainment display is bright and large with an excellent Uconnect system. You will find navigation bars on the top and bottom of the show. The navigation bars help with the functionality of your Jeep.The steering wheel has secret buttons that get used to controlling volume, radio stations, and tracks. The operating system has a fast process feature, enabling you to navigate the entertainment buttons easily. Most of the infotainment settings can get controlled automatically, enabling you to drive safely. The Uconnect system works well with Android and Apple.

You will find big and small distinctions in the Dodge Caliber and the Jeep Compass. You can make a choice based on these unique distinctions. It is always advisable to compare the engine and mileage specs and their interior and exterior features.
The other thing that you need to consider is the vehicle's safety features. Nothing matters more than the safety and security features of the Jeep. The safety features will enable you to drive safe on any terrain.

The Jeep Compass is a better vehicle when you compare the features of both cars. It provides excellent ride quality and comfortable and spacious interiors from back to front. The new technology and safety features make it a better choice.
If you want a smooth Jeep driving experience, the Jeep Compass performs better than most competitors. The distinctive design of the various trim models makes it a popular choice in Australia.