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Exterior Lights Upgrade For Your Jeep


Deciding which exterior light upgrade you need for your Jeep will depend on how you plan to use them. The light bulbs of your Jeep are one of its most important safety features. Whether you are investing in a headlight, tail light, light bar, fog lights, tail lights, or rock lights, you need to do adequate research about them. It will help you make an informed choice. If you like to go on an off-road adventure, you need to equip your Jeep with the best lights. It will help you find your way through rugged terrain.


Top 5 Lights Upgrade Ideas For Your Jeep



Headlight performance is crucial for your comfort and safety. A right choice of headlights will make a big difference in alertness, eye fatigue, safety, and well-being. You don't need to replace them often, and they don't need much maintenance.


LED headlights are a popular choice as they illuminate a large area for their size. It means you will get more light even from a small lighting system. LED headlights are economical and tend to last long. As they are sturdy, they will handle adverse weather conditions and bumpy roads without breaking.

Bluetooth technology is another feature that is becoming common in LED headlights. It will help you control the headlight system with any Bluetooth system. There are hundreds of different choices when it comes to headlight upgrades for your Jeep. The headlights will vary in quality, design, and features. The headlights you choose should be compatible with your Jeep.


Tail Light

Good quality tail lights are essential for your safety on the road. Taillights help other drivers see your Jeep on the road. These lights are also useful in an emergency as it alerts other drivers to stop. One of the things you need to consider when buying tail lights is the energy it consumes. You should be aware of how power efficient the taillights are before you buy them.

The installation process should be simple. Different types of tail lights have different types of installation processes. It is always best to choose a tail light whose installation is easy to complete. Lifespan is another aspect that you will have to consider when selecting tail lights. If it has a longer lifespan, you don't have to replace it often. The other feature that you need to check is whether it is weatherproof and waterproof. It is essential if you intend to drive the Jeep in off-road terrain.


Light Bar

A light bar is a fantastic addition to your Jeep if you want to go on an off-road adventure. The light bar looks excellent and practical, especially if you're going to improve the road's visibility at night. Some light bars have unique features, and understanding them will help you make the right choice. One of the first features that you need to look for is whether the light bar is waterproof. Look at the waterproof ratings before you buy. The brightness of the light bar is also something that you need to pay attention when buying. The brilliance of lights is often measured in lumens. Depending on how much illumination you need, you can make a choice.

Lightbars are available in different beam patterns. These include combo, driving, flood, spot, and scene. The most popular beam patterns are spot and flood. You will get the best mix of distance and breath when you choose them. You can buy light bars in different sizes. You will be able to fit the small lightbars anywhere. The mounts for a light bar are often sold separately. The mounting points on the Jeep will vary as per the model and make of your Jeep.


Fog Lights

If you often drive your Jeep in low visibility situations like dust, drifting snow, fog, and heavy rain, you will need fog lights to enhance your visibility on the road. It is essential to know that fog lights are different from regular headlights due to their beam shape, colour, and location.

Different types of fog lights are available in the market, including halogen fog lights, HID fog lights and LED fog lights. Fog lights are rated in terms of their longevity. Wattage, lumens, and output are factors that you need to consider when buying fog lights.
The colour and material are the first things you should consider when choosing fog lights. White or yellow hue is regarded as the perfect colours. You will be able to identify good fog lights with their marking.


Rock Lights

Rock lights are essential when you go on off-road trails that require extra light. You can also use these lights to combine sound and colours to create a unique experience. Before you buy rock lights, you should decide on how you plan to use them. If you want to use them to illuminate a trail, you should look for durable rock lights. The size, shape and installation process should also be considered when buying.

The brightness of rock lights is an important criterion you should consider to use to illuminate dark areas. If you love going on an off-road adventure in your Jeep, you will know the importance of adequate illumination. Rock lights will help illuminate paths that normal light won't. You can drive safely in your Jeep when you see all parts of the road. These lights are easy to install and will be able to withstand any type of weather condition. Make use of the remote control device to choose different colours for your rock lights.



Before you choose to upgrade your Jeep's exterior lights, you must do adequate research about them. Most Jeep owners tend to get overwhelmed with the many choices available.


Gaining awareness about the different types of exterior lights will help you choose wisely. Just Jeeps Auto Wreckers has different types of exterior lights upgrade for your Jeep in Australia. Make a choice depending on the make and model of your Jeep.