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How to Pick the Best Salvage Parts for Your Jeep


There are few American auto brands that are as easily recognizable and world-famous as the Iconic Jeep. From its origin as a mass-produced four-wheel drive for the military during World War II, to its modern iteration as a premier sport utility vehicle, Jeep has built a solid reputation in the car industry for high durability, strength and articulation.


However, even the toughest of cars like the Jeep can eventually show signs of ageing after extensive usage, or could become involved in a serious accident. In either of these scenarios, damaged parts will require replacement for your Jeep to keep performing optimally. However, buying parts at the retail price may not be affordable for everyone, in which case a visit to the local junkyard for salvage parts can be a good alternative. In this blog, we explain how to pick the best salvage parts for your jeep.


Set up Email Alerts

Gone are the days where you had to pay regular visits to the junkyard to find the arrival of the vehicles you were after. Now with everything going digital, you may have the option to set up email alerts from your local junkyard dealer to notify you immediately when your preferred car models have arrived at the location.


It is important to act fast once you are alerted though, because the longer you wait, the higher the chance there is that someone else would have already taken the parts you were after.


Consider Salvage Titles

Salvage title vehicles are ones which are considered totaled, that is the cost of repairs on them tends to be far more than what they are valued at. Not surprisingly, they often carry an extremely low price tag. Since many of their parts tend to be in fairly good condition, it can be worthwhile to purchase a salvage title jeep to get the parts you need for cheap for your own roadworthy version.


Research Compatible Options

There are many parts and components on other vehicles that can work perfectly well on your Jeep. For example, a Chevy V8 can serve as an excellent substitute for your own Jeep's damaged engine. Chevy's '71-'91 callipers also serve as a good swap for the Jeep's front or rear disc brakes. If you are looking to replace the Jeep's driveshaft, an M35  2.5 ton cargo truck can be an inexpensive source for it.


There are tons of different vehicles worth checking for replacement parts for your cheap. Use online resources at your disposal to find which car and truck models have the parts you need for use in your Jeep.


Bring Along an Expert

One can never be exactly sure about what salvage parts will go best with your Jeep or if their conditions are good enough for use. Therefore, it doesn't hurt to bring along an expert mechanic or a knowledgeable friend along with you while searching through the junk for worthwhile spare parts.



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