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How to Flat Tow a Jeep Wrangler


Flat towing is the process of driving a vehicle that is not running with another vehicle in tow. This method of transportation can be utilized on any type of vehicle, not just cars. Flat towing can be done on motorcycles, boats, and even aeroplanes.The Jeep Wrangler has long had an association with off-roading and rugged terrain. So it's only evident that you would want to flat tow your Jeep when travelling long distances or if you are planning for some desert exploration! Read this blog post for more information on how best to prepare your Jeep Wrangler for flat towing. 


Tow Capacity


First and foremost, ensure the vehicle's towing capacity you are planning to flat tow your Jeep Wrangler with. Also, when checking the towing capacity, remember additional accessories and the cargo stored in the Jeep weight as well. 


Before you get started, weigh the vehicle with all the additional components to ensure your towing vehicle has the needed capacity. Most of the truck shops have a weighing facility. 


Installing a Baseplate or Fully Integrated Bumper


A specialized bumper or a baseplate is needed to secure the Jeep Wrangler to the tow bar coming from the towing vehicle. The baseplate latches into the Jeep's frame under the front bumper and is sort of hidden from view. However, one issue with the baseplate is that it reduces the Jeep's approach angle. Consequently, it meant the Jeep would run the risk of getting damaged during an off-roading adventure.


Also, if you own an aftermarket bumper or plan to buy one, you may face clearance issues, and that's to consider with a baseplate. Sections of the bumper might need to be cut out, not interfering with the baseplate.


However, a fully integrated bumper can replace the stock Jeep bumper. Plus, there are tow brackets needed to attach to the tow bar to these kinds of bumpers. 


Choosing a Tow Bar


The tow bar attaches the Jeep Wrangler to the towing vehicle so it can be flat towed. There are numerous types of tow bars in the market. Hence, some tow bars provide a consolidated system where compatible braking for the Jeep is engineered into the bar. On the other hand, some tow bars need additional braking systems. 


Technically speaking, an integrated system bar is best as it is a simple solution. The in-built braking system is contingent on inertia. So, when the towing vehicle brakes, the Jeep will push against the tow bar, and this activates the lever on the bar to pull the cable attached to the Jeep's brake pedal. This automated action does not require any additional electronics.


Braking system - Mechanical or Electronic


There are various electronic braking systems out there. Most people use some type of controller that presses down on the Jeep's brakes in accordance with how hard the towing vehicle brakes. Thus, the system mainly comprises the primary unit mounted in the towing vehicle that collaborates with the unit attached in the Jeep.


Thus, electronic systems do not need to be connected or disconnected while attaching the Jeep to the towing vehicle. The only catch is that these are permanently installed, which may present issues when selling the Jeep.


Therefore, opting for the in-built mechanical braking system best. It is a simple system that is quick to connect and disconnect and limits things from going wrong. Moreover, it can also visually inspected possible issues every time it is connected to the Jeep Wrangler. Besides, installation is relatively easy (there are several installation videos online). However, you may face difficulty while trying to route the brake cable through the Jeep.


Break-Away Kit


A break-away kit is created to actuate the Jeep's brakes if something goes wrong, and the Jeep breaks away from the towing vehicle while on the road. This kit is crucial and is mandatory in most states and provinces.


The evident benefit is that if an accident occurs, the break-away system will pump the brakes to help slow down the Jeep and minimize the damage to the vehicle. However, some braking systems come with a break-away kit and others, require an additional break-away device to be bought. 


Tail Lights


There are wiring options available on the market that enable you to connect the Jeep's turn signals and brake lights to the towing vehicle. This ensures the drivers behind you are aware of you hitting the brakes or switching lanes, or making an exit. 


These wiring harnesses usually take about 10 minutes to set up and is a great way to ensure your and others safety on the road. 


Switching the Jeep to Tow Mode


After all the necessary components to flat tow your Jeep Wrangler or Gladiator have been installed, it's time to connect your Jeep to your towing vehicle. Every tow bar, wiring harness and braking system will vary, so refer to the manufacturer's manual for each one. It is essential that proper procedures are followed to hook up the Jeep to your towing vehicle.


Once everything is configured, it's time to put the Jeep on tow mode. Precisely follow the Jeep's manual instructions to set your vehicle in tow mode. Refrain from using guides online as some can be factually incorrect. You could wind up damaging your Jeep if you don't follow the correct procedure. 


Finally, perform a visual inspection of all the installations, wirings, and fitting. Ensure everything is functioning correctly. And you are good to go!


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