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How To Get Ready Your Jeep For Winter?


Winter seasons are here, and most of us love to enjoy it in the warm and cozy environment of our house. However, winter seasons also bring some harsh weather conditions such as snowfall, accumulation of snow on the road, extreme cold, etc. We all keep ourselves well-prepared before the arrival of winters with warm clothes, working heaters, etc. But the winter season can be harsh on your vehicles, especially for your cars. You need to regularly check on various things to keep your car in good working condition during winters. 


Jeeps are the roughest and tough automobiles that can easily face coming to their way. Therefore, worrying about them during winters is not a concern. But this doesn't mean they do not require any attention at all. You still need to get ready for winters with Jeep as improper care can have deteriorating effects on your Jeep. Let us gear up to know about the ways to get your Jeep ready for winter. 


6 Ways To Get Your Jeep Ready For Winter


Travelling in a car during winters can provide you with a great sigh of relief as you will remain protected from the cold weather of outside. Also, you would not like your car to malfunction any day as it can be frustrating for you to travel in winters without a car. Owing to this, you should keep a regular check of some measures to keep it in good working condition. Here are some of the methods to get your Jeep ready for the upcoming winter season. 


Check The Additive Fluids

If you are looking to spend long hours outside in winters while driving, then consider changing the engine oil before the season starts. There are a variety of winter-specific engine oils available in the market that are less vicious. These oils help to generate a better engine operation even in the temperatures lower than zero. Besides it, a fuel additive like Heet can help prevent the freezing up of water present in your gas system. It is important to prevent the freezing up of water in extreme environments to avoid any malfunction. 


Another important fluid that you need to check is coolant. It is used for placing a proper mix of water and antifreeze elements inside the tank. In case of vehicles running on diesel, the use of fuel additives is must to prevent freezing up of fuel. 


Install Winter Tires

Off-roading or driving in icy or snowy conditions is real fun for people who love adventure. If you are also an off-roading lover, then it's best to get off-road tires or snow-tires for a better experience. While changing the tires with snow tires, you should keep a thorough check over the installation of the tires. There is no need to change your tires into snow tires to drive your Jeep in the winter season. But you need to get assurance your car tires are in good condition. 


You should focus on the tyres' tread and rubber materials so that they should not be damaged for seamless driving. Also, your jeep tires need to have recommended inflation pressure as winter seasons automatically deflate your tires. 


Change Windshield Wipers

It is quite common for snow and ice to get buildup on your windshield in winters. This demands scraping ice off the car every day. Therefore, during a snowstorm or bad weather, you should look out for the reliable windshield wipers. The windshield wipers blades last long for six months to about one year. If the wiper of your car is being barred during the rains, you need to get them replaced instantly. 


Winter season brings in a lot of risks, and reduced visibility can lead to the risk of life. Therefore, you should get your windshield wiper replaced every winter to avoid any mishappening. It would be better to replace the wiper fluid while replacing the wipers to keep it clear from precipitation and salt. 


Ensure Your Car Heater Works

The last thing you would wish to stop working in your car is its heater during winter seasons. They provide a sigh of relief to you while you travel from one place and keep you warm all the way. So, it is advised to keep a regular check on heater operation, defroster and heater core of your car. This will help in protecting from the unwanted trouble during the winter seasons. 


Everyone should get their jeep services once before the winter season starts to avoid extra maintenance cost of the parts damaged due to winters. You should also consider changing the heater if it has been in non-working condition for quite some time. 


Inspect Your Battery & Lights Regularly

Your vehicle's battery and lights are among the most important things to check when you go out during winters. Always ensure that the battery of your Jeep is operating with its complete potential. If you reside in an area where it is common to experience snowstorms, then aftermarket fog and LED lights would be the safest bet.


You can get a clear view with these lights even in the foggy weather without hassle. Also, these lights last long enough to provide the complete worth of the investment made. 


Prepare An Emergency Box

Preparing an emergency box and placing it in a jeep would help you deal with the emergency caused due to the Jeep's malfunction. This emergency box usually includes items such as antifreeze, water, first aid kit, water, oil, cables, flashlight, batteries, tools and non-perishable foods.


You can add some more items according to your convenience and requirement�the need for emergency boxes increases in the winter season, especially in areas experiencing heavy snowfall. Imagine getting stuck in snow due to engine malfunction, and it can be a daunting experience. However, having an emergency box can offer you a secure feeling. 




Maintaining a jeep in winters is all about keeping a check on the auto parts and replacing them on time. The expert team working with us has years of experience, and they can easily find out the problematic part. Also, you can get to replace them with ideal alternatives suggested by our skilled mechanics.


We at Just Jeeps Auto Wrecker have provided high-quality jeep parts to our customers for quite some time. The best part of choosing us is that we provide online and offline services to our customers in the locality. You can get new and second-hand auto parts at our stores for cars from all the segments. To know more about our services, refer to our website anytime.