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Is Jeep Compass Good in the Snow?


Driving in the winters with snow on the road can get complex. If you live and operate in a city or town that snows, you need a vehicle that can effortlessly handle the snow and the water on the road. If you are not careful, you could end up in an accident.
Jeep Compass is one of those fantastic vehicles that will make you feel confident when driving through snowy conditions. The technology and features of this vehicle make it easy to move in heavy snow and rain.


Jeeps are sturdy vehicles and can handle the most challenging terrains with ease. Driving in the snow is not easy, and if your Jeep isn't equipped to handle the harsh weather conditions, it can affect your safety on the road. Before choosing any vehicle, you should learn whether it can handle harsh snow conditions. You can also choose to drive a different car for the summer and the winter. All it takes is a slight misstep, and you could end up harming yourself and others on the road.

Driving In the Snow

The compact Jeep Compass is a capable SUV with outstanding features for driving in the snow. The Compass comes equipped with 4x4 systems that enable you to retain control even as you navigate the low traction areas. The Jeep Active Drive feature is available on all the available trims of the Jeep Compass. The only exception is the Trailhawk trim which doesn't have this fantastic feature. The Trailhawk edge comes with a Jeep Active Drive Low feature

The Selec-Terrain Traction Management feature also has an auto mode that automatically engages the four-wheel drive. The Jeep Compass will start saving fuel by changing into a two-wheel-drive model when you drive through low-traction roads.

Snow Mode Feature of Jeep Compass

The snow mode feature of the Jeep Compass gets tuned when you drive your Jeep through the winter months. The settings of this feature in the Jeep help coordinate the twelve different vehicle systems to get the best traction on the road. Depending on whether you are driving through low-traction areas or off-road conditions, the traction management system comes into play. When you choose the snow mode for driving, the vehicle will adjust better to the road conditions. The vehicle systems that coordinate to get the best driving experience include electronic stability control, traction control, transfer case operation, transmission shifting, accelerator pedal response, and throttle control.

The electronic stability control feature also gets activated when you choose the snow mode for driving. The part will look out for any deviation when you are going and automatically correct it to control the vehicle. The many safety features of the Compass will ensure that mishaps get prevented in snowy conditions. You can drive safely with your family and friends in any weather.

Jeep Compass Features that Make Driving Safe in The Snow

Apart from the snow mode feature, other features also enable you to drive safely. The windshield wiper melts ice and snow from the windshield, increasing visibility. If you let snow accumulate on any of the mirrors and windshield The rain-sensing wipers automatically activate when the Jeep Compass detects water on the windscreen. All these safety features ensure a good drive any time of the day or night.

Most Compass drivers also opt for heated mirrors to prevent fog build-up on the side mirrors. If the mirrors are clear, you can get better visibility on the road. The Jeep comes equipped with all-season tires that help keep traction even in heavy snow and rains. You can also opt for winter tires so that you can drive safe in the snow. If you want to carry anything heavy, you don't have to worry as the Latitude trim of the Compass has side roof rails that can get used to pulling bicycles and other similar things. The side roof rails help secure the cargo.

The 2.4-litre engine has an incredible towing capacity of 2,000 pounds, helpful when driving through snow-covered roads. A heated steering wheel, heated front seats, and dual-zone automatic temperature control will help you drive in comfort. The legroom and the headroom space are ample and spacious. It enables the driver and the passengers to rest even when you go for a long drive. The Uconnect system and the touchscreen ensures proper navigation even if there is poor visibility on the road.

Every Compass feature has explicitly got designed for a unique off-road experience. It boasts the capabilities of the Compass and will give you the confidence to drive safe in any challenging terrain. The extra ground clearance feature of the Jeep will enable you to drive safely across slippery road surfaces. Visibility is usually low when driving through snow, and the high-beam headlights and fog lights will allow you to see the road.

The Compass also has advanced safety features such as active emergency braking, blind-spot monitoring, rear cross-path detection, forward-collision warning, and lane-departure warning. Most of these safety features will come as standard on all models and trims of the Compass.

Everything about the Compass gets geared to ensure that you can drive with confidence. It is one of the best vehicles to drive during snowfall. The different models and makes of the Jeep get priced as per their features, and you can choose according to your budget.

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