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Is the Jeep Gladiator good for road trips?


Jeep Gladiator is the most anticipated midsize truck that launches recently with some extra and new features. Since the 1990s, Jeep hasn't provided a model with a cargo bed; however, the 2021 Jeep Gladiator finally offers its's fans a valuable and fantastic tool. This midsize truck is simply an adaptable version of the famous Jeep Wrangler, achieving the Editor's Choice award. It can tow more than 7760 pounds than its SUV counterpart; besides, the ample wheelbase will help the driver ride better. 


Furthermore, if you are someone who enjoys off-road trips in a rough and adventurous place such as through the woods or desert, then Jeep Gladiator will be a perfect option for you. As now the summer is already here, it will be the best time for your family to enjoy a road trip, therefore, investing in a Jeep Gladiator might be a great option. However, reaching a holiday destination and getting back comfortably without any issues is necessary for every road trip. Hence, in this blog, we will discuss if the Jeep Gladiator is suitable for road trips or not, along with its new features that will help you make up your mind if you want to invest in this new vehicle. Let's begin!


What are the features of Jeep Gladiator?


As nowadays several options are available in the vehicle, it is necessary to know about the vehicle's features, like what features are new and what are by default. Below we compiled a guide of Jeep Gladiator features; let's take a look at it.




One of the best features of Jeep is that you can customize the vehicle as per your need. Like other models, Gladiator allows you to remove the doors and roof to provide you with a rugged truck look that you can take quickly into your adventure land. Aside from this, Jeep Gladiator is available with a body-color hardtop, Black Freedom hardtop, and Zipperless Sunrider soft top. 


Moreover, it is equipped with a five-foot bed that offers enough space for carrying occasional loads, not enormously big, making it no longer feels like a Jeep. The tailgate in it supports three positions to make it customizable for carrying the loads. Additionally, there is also a waterproof outlet in a bed for things such as a slow cooker, making it your perfect companion. 




The Interior of Gladiator is built in such a way as to withstand the elements without slaughtering comfort, style. The seat covers are available in tan or black cloth, further highlighted with excellent stitching and modern embossing. If we talk about the storage, it is outstanding, and it offers a removable and lockable storage bin present under the rear seating space. Which is further equipped with LED lights, and seat-back storage bins, and various cup holders.


Moreover, you will get a five-inch touchscreen control panel if you select Sport and Sport S models; additionally, a seven-inch screen is present in the Rubicon and Overland models. The best part is, all these model trims are accoutered with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility. Also, you will be able to use Jeep's U connect infotainment system, allowing you to utilize voice commands to control the GPS and radio. 


Safety and Security


One of the most vital features that customers care about is the safety features, most notably in your everyday vehicle. Jeep Gladiator has several new safety features; however, not all features are standard in each model. For example, adaptive cruise control with forwarding collision warning is present in Overland, Sport S, and Rubicon Gladiators. Besides, the Blind Spot Monitoring feature that alerts you when someone travels in your blind spot is only available in the Rubicon model.


Additionally, each model is furnished with sensors and a rearview camera that warn you if there is anything in your path when you reverse. The regular safety feature available in every model is Jeep's electronic stability control, electronic roll mitigation system, traction control, and hill start assist. Aside from this, you will also get push-start button as a security feature in each model except Sport S, a remote keyless entry in every model excluding Sport. In contrast, the theft-deterrent security system is available in all models.




Talking about the comfort of the Jeep Gladiator, it looks more luxurious than any other Jeep from the past. The truck can easily handle a four-hour round trip with the family to proceed hiking with ease and comfortable during the whole time. Apart from this, the seats are mounted with leather covers that are soft and look premium; the driver seat is also quite spacious and comfortable. 


Moreover, the dashboard is present right in front of the driver, which looks great with the whole aesthetic and design. Everything from displays to control is well within reach of the driver seat, also visible in every lighting condition, which is a positive point in the Gladiator. Besides, rear-seat passengers will also get a massive space for headroom, making this vehicle a pretty comfortable option for the family on road trips. 


So, Jeep Gladiators' above features make it a decent option to buy as it has everything from style to versatility to comfort, which makes it a top-of-the-line midsize truck. Also, you can customize the accessories of the Jeep Gladiator according to your choice. Australia has an enormous variety of options for buying vehicle accessories; one of the best options is Just Jeep Auto Wreckers. 


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