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Buy Jeep Grand Cherokee Aftermarket Accessories in Australia


The Jeep Grand Cherokee is one of the most popular SUVs in Australia. Aftermarket accessories will enable you to upgrade your vehicle and enhance its performance. It is also advisable to replace old and worn-out auto accessories so that your Jeep retains its value. Just Jeeps Auto Wreckers offers a remarkable collection of aftermarket auto accessories for your Jeep Grand Cherokee and other vehicles. The online auto parts and accessories inventory gets checked for efficiency before being listed for sale.


The most popular Jeep Grand Cherokee aftermarket accessories include:

Cargo Liner
The cargo liner provides complete protection to the cargo area of the Grand Cherokee. The computer-designed cargo liners will fit your vehicle perfectly. The raised design of the cargo liner will help keep grease, dirt, and spills off the interiors. The skid-resistant feature of the liner prevents cargo from sliding around the interiors of your vehicle. It has been engineered for durability and toughness and can withstand extreme temperatures. It is easy to clean and maintain.

Trailer Hitch Receiver
The open trailer hitch receiver matches the towing capacity of the Grand Cherokee. Before you buy this auto accessory, it is advisable to ascertain if it fits the model and make of your vehicle. The trailer hitch gets covered with two layers of paint, making it rust-resistant.

Sunroof Deflector
The sunroof deflector will enable you to get rid of the wind noise while driving. The addition optimizes air circulation by letting in the fresh air and keeping heat and rain out. The high-quality accessory gets made from reinforced acrylic. No special tools or drilling are required to complete the installation. The sunroof deflector adds appearance and style to your vehicle and increases its value. It is available in different lengths to fit various models and makes of cars.

LED Signal Lights
If you want to upgrade the look and feel of your Grand Cherokee, LED signal lights are a good choice. These lights' unique design and look will set your vehicle apart from others. Each light gets thoroughly tested so that it offers better visibility. The signal lights also enhance safety by making your Jeep better visible to others users on the road. The affordable accessory gets designed to be a direct replacement for damaged lights.

Moulded Mud Guards
The custom-moulded mudguards will help protect your SUV from debris and rocks that get thrown up by the tires. The mudguards fit the vehicle and provide the best protection against damage.The mudguards are durable and don't break or crack easily as they get made from impact-resistant thermoplastic. Installation is simple, and the accessory gets backed with a lifetime guarantee.

Custom Seat Covers
The cloth seat covers provide style and comfort. The cotton material of the seat covers is breathable and will help keep the Jeep seats at a comfortable temperature. It is effortless to install and clean; you can use them to customize your vehicle.The seat covers are available in different colours, and you can choose a colour that matches the interiors of your vehicle. Traction pads on the accessory help prevent it from slipping from the seats.

Hoop Steps
The hoop steps enable easy access to your Grand Cherokee. The plastic step pad has a non-slip feature and can support up to 200 lbs. The steps can get adjusted to accommodate different height settings of your vehicle.The solid mount design is durable and lasts long. Mounting brackets get included along with the accessory. Drilling is necessary to complete the installation process.

Curved Exhaust Stack Pipe
The curved exhaust stack pipe is dependable and provides a worry-free operation as it gets made with high-quality materials. If you want your Jeep to perform optimally, you need to replace any damaged or worn-out exhaust pipe. If you want the exhaust stack pipe to fit correctly, you should check the length and size of the stack pipe of your vehicle. When you upgrade your vehicle with this accessory, you can improve its performance and quality.

Window Crank Handle
The window crank handle gets made using high-quality materials, which ensures it lasts long. The accessory is available with all the necessary hardware, making installation easy.

Replacement Shift knobs
This accessory provides enduring value and reliability as it gets made with top-grade material. If the shift knobs don't perform optimally, it will affect your vehicle's performance. It is best to replace the shift knobs based on the model and make of your car.

Rectangular Running Boards

The accessory gets made of high-quality materials, which helps it serve you for many years. The running boards are available in different sizes, and you can choose as per the model and make of your vehicle.The running board is available in a polished stainless-steel finish or black powder coat. The entire width board ensures secure footing when getting in and out of the vehicle. Mounting brackets gets included to complete the installation process.

LED Grille
If you want your SUV to stand apart from other vehicles on the road, the LED grille is the ideal choice. The rugged grille adds an aggressive style to your Jeep Grand Cherokee. If you are an off-road enthusiast, the grille will help upgrade your vehicle and add value to it. You can paint the grille if you want it to match the colour of the Jeep's exterior.

Just Jeeps Auto Wreckers helps you search through hundreds of auto parts and accessories listings online until you get the vehicle part you want. If you know the model and make of your SUV, it makes the search much more manageable. We sell only high-quality aftermarket accessories in Australia. You don't have to worry about the efficiency of the auto parts, as every vehicle part and accessory gets covered with a warranty.


We offer the best choice of auto parts that perfectly suits your Grand Cherokee. If you are unsure about what you need to upgrade your SUV, you can talk with our experts. Our experts have immense knowledge about the different auto parts and accessories and will guide you in making the right choice. We are one of the leading aftermarket accessories sellers in Australia. Hundreds of customers have trusted us over the years to provide them with any auto parts and accessories they need at an affordable price.