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Buy Jeep Grand Cherokee Battery in Australia


If your Jeep Grand Cherokee battery warning indicator light comes on when you drive, it is time to get your battery replaced. Don't ignore the warning light and continue to operate as it can affect your Jeep's essential accessories. The warning light is also an indication that the alternator is not working correctly. It means that all accessories of the Jeep are operating only on battery power. You might have to turn off the light (unless you are driving in the night), air conditioner and radio.

The alternator helps charge the battery when you are driving. If the alternator stops working the battery doesn't get charged and this can drain its power. If the battery loses all its power you might get stranded in the middle of the road. Never ignore a warning sign and always replace with a high-quality battery. Just Jeeps Auto Wreckers sells quality batteries at competitive prices. Save money and time when you order with us. We ship throughout Australia.


How much is a battery for a Jeep Grand Cherokee?

The average cost of a battery for a Jeep Grand Cherokee will vary depending on your specific choice. In addition to the cost of the battery, you should also factor in labor cost for installing the battery. Just Jeeps Auto Wreckers has all types of Grand Cherokee batteries for sale. Choose battery depending on your budget and specific needs. All auto parts sold by us are covered with warranty and you can buy with complete peace of mind.


How long do Jeep Grand Cherokee batteries last?

Jeep batteries rely on acid and lead chemical reaction to get the Jeep working. These types of batteries produce energy, which is then used to power the engine, accessories, and light. When the energy or power reaches the engine, the alternator will take over and help run the different components of the Jeep. When your battery starts losing control, you will find the efficiency of the alternator also coming down.


Most often Jeep Grand Cherokee batteries last for 3 � 5 years. Many factors determine this period. The type of battery in your Jeep, weather conditions, and driving habits are some of the factors that determine battery life. You can extend the Grand Cherokee battery's life by not letting it go unused for prolonged periods. Start your Jeep at regular intervals. Test the battery every couple of months.


If you have extreme climate or temperature swings in your area, it is best to keep your Jeep safe indoors. It is advisable to keep the battery tightly fastened. Most often, the vibrations of the car tend to loosen the connections of the battery. Clean the terminals of the battery regularly. When you notice any visible signs of wear and tear and corrosion, you can use a wire brush and appropriate cleaning solution to get it removed. All these simple measures will help the Jeep batteries last long.

A little bit of maintenance and regular checkup will go a long way in ensuring that the Jeep batteries work efficiently. If the Jeep starts slow even after turning the key and the battery connectors and cables show corrosion signs, it is time to replace the batteries.


How Do You Know If Your Jeep Needs A New Battery?

A battery that doesn't work is one of the most common Jeep problems that you will encounter. The few signs that indicate you need to change to a new battery include:


Delay in Engine Crank: When you try starting your Jeep, it takes much longer than usual to respond. When this starts happening regularly, it is time to get the battery replaced.

Check Engine Light: If the battery is losing charge, the check engine light will automatically turn on.

Low Battery Fluid Level: If you find the battery fluid at a low level, you need to test the charging system and battery.

Corrosion or Fluid Leaks: If there is excessive corrosion due to fluid leaks, you need to get the battery replaced. If you see any sign of deterioration on the battery and its components, it is best to clean it immediately.


If you notice any one of these common signs, you should avoid letting the battery-run. If the battery continues to work even when there is a problem, it can affect the engine's efficient working. If the engine doesn't work in ideal conditions, it might break down soon. Motors are often expensive to fix. Avoid costly repairs by checking on the batteries regularly.


2011 Jeep Grand Cherokee Battery

What size engine does your Grand Cherokee have? What would be the size of the battery you need for your 2011 model and make? When you are buying a battery, these are some of the things that you need to keep in mind. A wrong choice of battery will not fit the Jeep.

After every 3 � 5 years, you will need to get the battery checked. You can check to see if there is any voltage drop. Jeep batteries carry 12 � 13 volts. If you have a high-performance battery, it will be higher. If the volts are higher than 13, you have a damaged battery that needs quick replacement.

Most Jeep owners don't tend to get the Jeep batteries checked and inspected regularly. Due to this, they are not aware whether the batteries are operating at an optimal level.

If the battery is unchecked, it will put pressure on the starter or alternator to enhance power. When extra power is drawn from the battery to offset for loss of energy, it affects the battery's efficiency. The cost of the battery is often a good indicator of its life expectancy. A good quality battery will last 3 � 5 years. If you opt for a low-quality battery, it might not last for more than a year.

Always check the reserve capacity of the battery before buying. Reserve capacity will help you understand how long the fully charged battery will be able to last. A good-quality battery will have a high reserve capacity. When you install a battery with a high reserve capacity, it will help your Jeep navigate challenging situations.

The other thing that you need to pay attention to is the power requirement. It refers to the CA (cranking amps) or cold cranking amps (CCA). CA is the energy required to start your Grand Cherokee when the temperature is at 32 degrees Fahrenheit. CAA is the ability of your Jeep to start at 0 degrees Fahrenheit. If you live in a cold area, batteries with higher CAA are recommended.


2017 Jeep Grand Cherokee Auxiliary Battery

Some Grand Cherokee models need more than one battery. The auxiliary battery will start operating when the main battery loses power. It is mostly found in Jeeps that have many components to power. You will have to check and maintain the auxiliary battery like the main battery. If it loses power, you will have to recharge or replace it depending on its specific condition.

Always ensure that the battery is clean and charged. Remove any grime or dust that has accumulated on the components of the battery. Please charge the battery to ensure that it works to its optimal capacity. When fully charged, the battery will provide all parts of the Jeep function well. It is best if you chose the right battery for your Grand Cherokee. It will help with a stable and reliable ride. The battery is an essential component that helps start the engine and keeps all the electrical functions working.

With time the battery starts losing its power. Get it tested so that you can determine whether to charge or replace it immediately. If you have to replace the battery, you should always choose one that suits the year, model, and make of your Grand Cherokee.
Understand the bare essentials before you start the process of buying a battery. Never choose a battery with low capacity as it will not power all your Jeep's electrical components. Similarly, it would help if you avoided batteries with too much capacity as it will cost you a lot.


2012 Jeep Grand Cherokee Battery

If you ask a Jeep owner which auto part or component is essential in their Jeep the most likely answer would be engine, transmission, wheels or gearbox. Most people don't give much importance to a battery.

If you want your Jeep to start correctly and all its electrical components to perform efficiently, you will need a battery that works. Choose batteries that are built and designed to suit the Australian climate and conditions.


Jeep batteries are divided into different group sizes. The size will indicate the height, width, and length of the battery. Before you buy a battery for your Grand Cherokee, you must know its size. If you are unaware of the battery's size, you can refer to the owner's manual. You can also consult our experienced mechanics, and they will guide you in making a choice.


Always buy a battery from a reputed auto shop. Jeep owners often think that they would have to purchase the batteries only from the manufacturer. You will be able to buy high-quality batteries at affordable prices from us. All that you need to do is to make a choice of battery and complete the order process. We will ship it to your address in Australia. You no longer have to wait endlessly for the batteries to arrive when you shop with us.


2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee Battery

The essential question you need to ask when shopping for a battery is whether it fits your driving and Jeep needs. Only batteries with the right design and size will fit your Jeep. The battery is the primary source of power for your Grand Cherokee. It powers all the electrical components in the Jeep. It includes the engine control computer, fuel pump, starter motor, radio, headlights, and much more.


Most often, Jeep owners don't pay attention to battery health and recharge. Jeep owners realize something is wrong with the battery only when they are stranded in the middle of nowhere. Like all other auto components and accessories, Jeep batteries tend to wear out and get damaged with time. If you notice that your Grand Cherokee is not starting correctly or encounter problems with your Jeep's electrical components, you might have to replace the batteries immediately.


Never make the mistake of driving with damaged batteries. If you are on a budget, replacement batteries are the best choice. These batteries cost less and are as good as new. With a little bit of maintenance, the batteries will last a long time.

Before you choose a battery, you must consider the driving conditions in your city. Apart from this, it is also essential that you pay attention to your city or town's climate. Corrosion and electrolyte vaporization are caused due to heavy temperatures.

Keep these things in mind to help find the right battery for your Jeep. All batteries that get sold online are covered with warranties. Don't worry about anything when the battery you buy has a warranty. There are different types of batteries available in the market. Gain knowledge about the common ones so that you can make an informed choice. It is always advisable to seek professional help when installing the battery.

If you have a new Grand Cherokee model and make, you might find it challenging to install the batteries independently. The hood space is limited to improve performance, giving you little scope to work freely and install the battery.

If the battery is not installed correctly, it will not power the Jeep to its full capacity. Modern batteries need specialized skills to complete the installation process. The wires and other components should be fixed right. Our expert technicians are trained and will be able to assist you with the installation process. When the batteries are appropriately fixed, it will improve the overall performance of your Jeep.

Just Jeeps Auto Wreckers has batteries for different models and make of Grand Cherokee. Call our experienced technicians, and we will guide you through the entire buying process.