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Buy Jeep Grand Cherokee Tyres in Australia


Jeep Grand Cherokee comes to mind when we think of rock crawling, driving on rough terrain smoothly or ultimate offroading experience. This jeep model is packed with maximum strength, elegant interiors, and best for the hardcore off-roading features. Its features make it one of the tough, reliable, and impressive heavy load vehicles launched by Jeep brand till now. 


Considering how widely you can use your Grand Cherokee, it makes sense to look out for replacement tires. Choosing Jeep Grand Cherokee Tyres Australia's ideal set is tedious, especially when there are numerous options available. Here is everything you must know about purchasing the best tyres that match all your requirements. 



What to consider when purchasing the best Jeep Grand Cherokee Tyres Australia?


Grand Cherokee is a versatile SUV available in different models like Laredo, Limited, Overland, Sport etc. Depending upon the model, you can purchase either the jeep grand Cherokee off road tyre or those with winter driving capability. Following are a few tips to make the right choice: 


Determine Tyre Type

We advise you to examine the tread design and rubber used closely. JustJeeps can help you find the best tyre considering both your budget and driving requirements. Every tyre differs in performance, terrain endurance, speed, durability and more. 


Able to Handle the Vehicle Weight

If you purchase tyres unable to withstand the vehicle's weight, it will damage quickly. Grand Cherokee needs a set of tyres capable of supporting its powerful engine and heavy body. 


Quiet and Smooth Roll 

The foremost thing to consider is that the tyres are well built. The reason behind is the tires will be paired with a heavy vehicle for a smooth ride on the highway and rough terrain. No one likes to hear unnecessary noises coming out of the tire or face the thrust when driving on the road. 


Durability and Fuel Efficiency 

Fuel efficiency is essential for Grand Cherokee because the vehicle itself is not fuel-efficient. Choosing the right set of tyres reduces the fuel requirement. The fuel consumption is also directly linked with your driving style. Pick a robust tyre meant to last stronger if you don't want to plunk time and again. 



Look for the UTQG code that shows test results of the manufacturer's tests regarding traction, treadwear, temperature resistance etc. Additionally, the DOT code reveals when the tyre was built and its disparate features. Focus on the Department of Transportation code on the tires to understand whether they are precisely what your vehicle needs or not. Keep all the factors optimised for a smooth ride and excellent vehicle condition.



Different Types of Jeep Grand Cherokee Off Road Tyres


The tyres are made of different components that ensure you quickly get from point A to B. All tires commonly consist of belts, plies, beads, tread, sidewall, bead filler, inner liner etc. Now how the components are assembled and in what ratio differs them from each other. Different tires are suitable for various terrains and weather conditions. Depending on this, the tires are divided into the following categories:


Winter Tires

It is designed for smooth driving on snow, ice, wet surfaces, and chilly weather conditions. Summer tires can withstand harsh winter conditions and temperature below 32 degrees. Winter tires cannot be used throughout the year, unlike Summer tires. 


Summer Tires

They primarily made for the heavy and high-performance vehicles those who drive in dry and temperate areas. These jeep tires can be used throughout the year except during the winter season. The cold weather adversely impacts summer tires performance and leads to damage.


All-Terrain tires

Also known as off-road tires and made to give your tires perfect grip on muddy, dusty or rocky terrain. Not ideal for everyday driving on the road as it makes louder noise compared to its other alternatives. The tread design of the tire can also scrape off if used for long on the road. 


All-season tires

These are among the most common and famous types of tires. It is made for easy handling of normal driving conditions. All season tyres tread design offer smooth, balanced driving even if the terrain is wet or dry. These tires are best for using the whole year and offer an extended tread life. 



When to replace the tires?


Some tires last for around 60000 miles without any wear and tear whereas others for only 10000 miles. The longevity of jeep grand Cherokee 20 inch tyres depends on different factors. So here are few tips for you to recognise when to replace the tires:


Routine Inspection

Check the tires regularly for any foreign objects, uneven tread wear damaged area, shallow tread etc. It helps to access if the tire needs replacement or repair. 



Tires are continually exposed to different weather elements like heat, cold, ice, snow etc. Rubber breaks down with time due to weathering. Common signs are slight cracks in the tyre sidelining or treads. If you find cracks, then get it replaced immediately. 



It occurs mostly after the tire comes in sudden contact with the curb, pothole or any deep surface. The air gets inside the inner and outer layers of the tire that tend to create air pockets. If not addressed in time, it can cause tyre rupture or severe injury. 



It indicates different tire problems from improper balancing to the shifting of inner cords of tires. You cannot detect vibration with the naked eye, so mount the vehicle on a balancing machine. Replace the tires with such issues. 



Check the date when the tire was manufactured and see if the replacement time is given or not. Usually, tire manufacturers recommend replacements after 5 or 6 years with a timeline of up to 10 years irrespective of tread depth or tire condition. 

Pay attention to all the above points for the best and safe driving experience. 


Best Place to Buy Jeep Grand Cherokee Tyres in Australia: JustJeeps 


With numerous choices available, picking the right tyre provider is a daunting task. But JustJeeps, one of the best auto wreckers based in Australia. From the high-quality tire selection to delivering quality services, we excel in everything. Our vast inventory contains the finest collection of different tyre sizes. Moreover, we purchase tires directly from the manufacturer, so it's affordable.


We suggest you the tyre that fits both your driving style and vehicle. Our quick-paced team diagnoses and rectifies the tire problems in an instant, so you need not wait to get back on the road.