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Buy Jeep Grand Cherokee (WK2) Battery


For a long time, the Grand Cherokee has been a standout, and this fourth-generation Jeep Grand Cherokee WK2 is no exception. Moreover, a battery is one of the essential parts of this SUV vehicle that makes it more efficient. However, there can be the time when your Jeep battery is not running at its optimal level. 


If your Jeep Grand Cherokee WK2 is slow to start after inserting the key, or if your battery connector and cables show indications of heavy corrosion. In addition, you may observe a clicking sound when turning on the key or if the electronics work, but the vehicle won't start. It means your Grand Cherokee battery needs a replacement. Furthermore, if you don't check your battery when it is not performing at its best, your Jeep Grand Cherokee might pressure the starter or alternator to enhance the power.


However, excessive power consumption to compensate for battery energy loss can cause your engine to operate outside of ideal conditions. This will cost you more money to repair. So, your Jeep battery must work at near-perfect levels. You can easily replace your vehicle battery at a genuine service centre. This article will let you know where you can buy Jeep Grand Cherokee WK2 battery in Australia and what factors you must consider while buying it. Read on!


How do you know your Jeep needs a new battery?


There are various situations when your vehicle needs a battery replacement. For instance, sometimes people forget to turn off the Jeep's light before moving out or using the music system for long hours, leading to a dead battery. Below are some situations when you may need to visit an automobile centre for battery replacement.


Low battery fuel


If you notice that the fuel level is low, you just need to test the battery and charging system. Vehicle batteries are usually see-through type, so we suggest you always keep a check on them before moving out. 


When your engine makes a cranky sound


Have you ever notice when you purchase a new Jeep, it passes on the road so smoothly without making any acute noise. In case you start noticing the sharp noises once you start the engine, it is time you get your Jeep Grand Cherokee battery replaced. 


The battery has died


Most of the time, batteries come along with the warranty to show how long-lasting it will be. So always buy an original battery for your Jeep Grand Cherokee WK2 and keep a check on its warranty. Besides, if your vehicle stops in between then, don't have second thoughts about replacing the battery. 


Leakage of battery


In addition to this, leakage of the battery can also be a problem for your Jeep. Suppose you observe that the battery is leaking on the negative and positive terminals. In that situation, we recommend you contact an authentic service centre like Just Jeeps in Australia for all your battery requirements. 


Buying Consideration of Jeep Grand Cherokee WK2 battery


Mainly the Jeep Grand Cherokee battery last typically between 3 to 5 years; however, that totally depends on the battery size, driving habits, climatic conditions, and type of battery. Here we have shared few points that you can check while buying a new battery for your vehicle. 


Size of battery


The cars' battery is split into group sizes, showing the battery's width, length, and height. Furthermore, you can check the battery size by consulting the mechanic and then making comparisons between different vehicle batteries. The correct battery will fit perfectly in the battery tray, preventing the damage occurs from vibrations. 


Reserve capacity


This means the total number of times in which the battery operates on its own power without the engine and before discharge. In addition, a high reserve capacity assists the vehicle in overcoming difficult situations like alternator failure, non-compliant machine, and accidentally leaving lights on.  




There are two types of battery, low maintenance and maintenance-free. The maintenance-free battery is often sealed, and the liquid electrolyte in it can work throughout the battery life without requiring replacement. On the other hand, low-maintenance batteries are unsealed with caps, allowing you to add distilled water sometimes. 


Battery warranty


It is always preferable to consider the warranty and select a battery with a long period of free replacement. You can measure the warranty periods by a figure combining the prorated period and free replacement period. For a limited time, the prorated period allows for partial reimbursement of the battery's purchase cost. 


Battery life


You can check your current battery life at an automobile store or with a battery specialist. Additionally, it will be helpful for you to know if you require a new battery or just maintenance. 


Benefits of Having a New Battery For Your Jeep Grand Cherokee WK2 


If you buy the best quality and original battery for your Jeep, it will benefit you in many ways, such as:


Latest features


Batteries these days are equipped with ultra-modern features and high quality. Hence, it is suggested to keep your SUV vehicle up to date with the new trends in the automobile sector.


Safe travelling 


Damaged or defective batteries can make you stuck in terrifying situations like in the middle of a busy road. It can also be dangerous for your loved ones, so you must not compromise with the life of others. So always buy a genuine Jeep Grand Cherokee battery. 


Long-running battery life


Another reason to go for the original battery is that it comes with an increased warranty, lasting for at least three to five years. Therefore, it will save you time from the struggle of replacing the battery again. 


Why Choose Just Jeeps for all Your Jeep Requirements?


When it comes to maintaining your luxury ride, always choose what is best for it. Just Jeeps Auto Wreckers has experience of more than 30 years in the automobile industry. We at Just Jeeps know how to meet the requirements of our clients. Our maxim is to satisfy the customer's needs and offer them quality services. 


We have a group of experienced workers that will help you to select the best for your vehicle. Moreover, you can visit our website and online store anytime in Sunshine, Australia, to get information about the Jeep Grand Cherokee battery, spare parts, and accessories. Visit us today!