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Jeep Liberty VS Jeep Patriot: Which One You Should Buy?


Buyers who do not show interest in going to details before purchasing a jeep may miss some important details that differentiate jeep Liberty from the Patriot. Both vehicles represent the jeep brands well, and both the vehicles are packed with features to satisfy the customer's needs. Not only these two compact SUVs showcase the performance capabilities for which Jeep is known, but they both offer the utmost comfort and refined sophistication required in daily driving. 


To choose between these leading vehicles, you must weigh the Liberty and Patriot attributes to determine which one is the best for you. Let's glance at both vehicles, specifically their characteristics, powertrains, suspensions, and other useful characteristics.  


What will you get in a Jeep Liberty? 


Jeep Liberty is a top choice of customers because of its strong combination of power and comfort. The Liberty meets the need for a utilitarian build that goes above and behind as needed. You will get the best features in this Jeep; let's get to know about a few of them. 


Body Style

Jeep Liberty was conceived as a replacement for the Jeep Cherokee. In 2008 Liberty changed its exterior look completely in order to replace its curved body style with squared-off features. The new-look awards the Liberty a very ready off-road appearance while retaining its signature style cues. 


Both the generations of Liberty come with upgraded features and give it a very Jeep look. Many second-generation Liberty vehicles are equipped with a large, roll-back canvas roof that gives you the best view of the stars from the comfort of your vehicle. 


Powertrains in Jeep Liberty 

You can choose between the three powerful high-tech performance engines. The option includes a 2.4L gasoline engine, a 3.7L V6, and a 2.8L turbo diesel. These engines put strength to the ground through a four-speed automated transmission or six-speed hand-operated gearbox. You will not get disappointed in terms of powertrains in Jeep Liberty. 


Suspension of Jeep Liberty

Jeep Liberty is one of the first jeeps to introduce suspension components. The system is only available in all-wheel drive invariants in the first generation of production. There is still a live axle at the rear, a throwback/holdover from the trucklike Jeeps of yore. The front of Liberty is equipped with struts, while the rear end utilises shocks to maintain stability. 


Interior design 

Jeep Liberty is packed with extraordinary interior design features. It comes with a comfortable cabin space for the driver and up to four passengers. The passengers' compartment was designed in a way to make the journey comfortable for extended road trips. These seats are designed with high-quality cloth materials, and rear reclining seats, reading lights, and ample storage system make this Jeep an excellent choice for SUV or families who spend lots of time on the road. 


Entertainment features of jeep Liberty 

If we talk about the entertainment features, then the Liberty model is equipped with the optional Sirius Satellite radio and My Gig entertainment system. You will not get bored while driving this Jeep. The multimedia infotainment system utilises a 20 -30 GB hard drive to keep your favourite music, podcasts, sports recordings and many more.


Specifications of Jeep Patriot


Jeep Patriot is a unique blend of performance, comfort and entertainment. This comfort SUV is comfortable performing any on or off-road tasks, from long run trips and ferrying between after school activities and camping trips. 


Body style 

The original body style features squared-off styling cues, grilled front and round headlights. This model comes in three trim levels, sports, Latitude and limited editions. In 2011 Patriot got paint matched bumpers and more stylised body lines. Further models of jeep Patriot includes more outstanding exterior and interior features. 



In this, you have got a choice of 4 competent gasoline and diesel engine options. Gas options combine the 2L or 2.2L four-cylinder engines. Diesel engines include 2L and 2.4 displacement sizes. Gas engines offer a five-speed manual or six-speed automatic transmission, and on the other hand, diesel engines come with high performance, six-speed manual transmission. 



The Patriot comes with independent suspension at all four corners. Multilink rear suspension and MacPherson up front provide solid handling on all sides of driving surfaces. 


Interior design and Entertainment features

The seat cloth material in this Jeep is made up of vinyl and leather. You will get dash control on the steering, which will keep you comfortable on long drives. Despite these comfort features, you can fold down all passenger seats to make room for a large cargo haul. 


If we talk about the entertainment features, then this Jeep showcases the best entertainment features options. Utilises the liftgate speakers to broadcast program shows in style when you grill next to your Patriot. You will have a 6.5 touch screen feature where you can easily change the channel and programs. And if you tire of the satellite programs, you can utilise your CD, DVD, mp3 player to kick out the jam.


Which one should you choose between the Liberty and Patriot?


As you weigh the relative characteristics and features of the Liberty and Patriot, take the time to consider how each vehicle works best according to your lifestyle. With comparison, you can get an idea of which one suits you best because both are power-packed with outstanding features. If jeeps aren't your thing and you desire different SUVs, then you can take the help of Just Jeeps Auto Wreckers. 


How can just Jeeps Auto Wreckers ease your choosing process?


Just Jeep Auto Wreckers has been serving the industry for more than 30 years. We specialise in dealing with modern jeeps, spare parts and many more things related to your needs. If you are seeking to buy a new jeep, then Just Jeeps' is your one-stop destination because the Just Jeeps team is highly knowledgeable, which will help you streamline your process. Don't hesitate to share your needs with Just Jeep Auto Wreckers because they know what you want for your Jeep.