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Buy Jeep Off-Road Bumpers in Australia


Jeeps are rugged and made for powerful work. But, if you are a Jeep owner, you must think about its proper maintenance. Undoubtedly, Jeeps can drive through the different road conditions without losing their productivity, but roads are prone to accidents these days due to increased traffic. Therefore, it is suggested to keep yourself safe by keeping your Jeep well equipped with first aid. Moreover, it is not only safe for you but also for your SUV vehicle.


Furthermore, you can protect your Jeep by using off-road bumpers to enhance the longevity of your Jeep. Off-road bumpers will prevent physical damage in front of your vehicle in low-speed collisions. Besides, the bumpers are designed to protect the trunk, grill, fuel, hood, and cooling system. Moreover, your Jeep will perform more efficiently when you install the best accessories in it. However, many brands are available in the market, but you should consider some facts and figures before buying one. Here, we will share information about bumpers in this article and how you can buy Jeep off-road bumpers at an affordable price. Let's start!


Benefits of Having Off-Road Jeep Bumpers


Off-road bumpers increase your vehicle's off-road capabilities by expanding its approach and departure angles. Besides, it also protects your SUV lights and engine parts from damage. Read below to know more benefits of installing off-road bumper.


Improve the capabilities


When you upgrade your Jeep's bumper, it will immediately increase its off-road capabilities. Moreover, these front and rear bumpers are made from heavy, durable materials designed to withstand the most challenging conditions. Besides, some bumpers are equipped with adjustable tire mounts so that your Jeep can hold extra tires and wheels. Therefore, installing a bumper will give you better performance with increased clearance, winch mounts, and lighting brackets.


Provides protection


The off-road bumpers are overbuilt to withstand the difficulty of rough terrain. Besides, these bumpers are more robust than other factory bumper and provide a better job of preventing the Jeep's front and rear end. For instance, it gives protection to the radiator, usually situated in the front of a vehicle. Additionally, it will also protect the LED lights if bumpers are installed; this will also minimize the repair cost if some collision occurs.




Off-road bumpers look sturdy and firm; besides, they also increase the aesthetics of your SUV. Moreover, the standard bumpers may be efficient and straightforward, also provides better aerodynamics, but a macho and functional look of an off-road bumper is worth your extra fuel. Furthermore, Jeep bumpers are designed and manufactured to support the maximum functionality and ensure you compliment the look of your SUV vehicle. Besides, you can also colour-code the bumpers according to your vehicle for an extra stylish finish.


Types of Jeep Off-Road Bumpers Available


There are several types of options available in Jeep bumpers that will offer both the utility and overall look of the vehicle. Their shape and size vary the kinds of Jeep bumpers; besides, different companies might manufacture every type. Below we have shared the five different types of off-road bumpers for Jeep; you can choose the best suits you.


Stubby bumper


Stubby bumpers are one of the best Jeep front bumpers that increases tire clearance. Moreover, these bumpers are shorter than typical bumpers as they are only wide as the Jeep's grille. Therefore, these bumpers allow big tires to be used on the vehicle so they can not bash the bumper. 


While some people think this is the excellent advantage of stubby bumpers, unfortunately, the design leaves the tires and fenders unprotected against the oncoming obstacles, which might cause damage in off-road situations. On the other side, stubby bumpers are best suited for highways and terrains where the tires can move freely unhindered.


Stinger bumper


Stinger bumpers have a shape of a horseshoe-style bar, which is also called a bull bar. This bumper has a triangular tube extension at the middle that lifts upwards at a 45-degree angle and forms a hoop. Moreover, you will also find a stinger bumper, sometimes with a much higher hoop than the level of the hood in Jeep. 


This type of bumper also offers stability before end-over-end circumstances that take place off-road. It can also keep the vehicle from tumble over if the truck comes into an obstacle. Besides, this type of bumper can be used as a ramp that allows the Jeep to move over and above some obstacles which the standard tires can not rise. It also gives added protection to the vehicle.


Off-road recovery bumper


Off-road recovery bumpers are designed in a way to give the driver something to pull with. Besides, such bumpers are heavy-duty and have different attachment locations for D-rings, winch hooks, and shackles. The reason behind this is that if your SUV gets stuck off-road, you can attach a winch to the shacks and then pull the vehicle out from predicament.


Furthermore, off-road recovery bumpers are available in various designs, for instance, warn rock crawler stubby bumper, which has recovery features. It also has lights installed that will help to make them useful at night. 


Tubular bumper


Tubular bumpers are available with simple designs with two tubes, one passing through the front of the car and a large looped tube around the centre. Besides, as the name signifies, these bumpers are made from steel tubes and are designed to prevent front-end and off-road situations. Additionally, if you need extra lighting off-road, tubular bumpers are perfect to set up the auxiliary floodlights, lightbars, and fog lights.


Moreover, different types of lighting systems are designed that can simply bolt-on and plugin. Besides, tubular bumpers offer primary shielding from obstacles, but these are not meant for towing purposes. Therefore, they don't come along with winch plates.




Nowadays, varieties of Jeep bumpers are available in the market that are combinations of these mentioned styles. However, it is not difficult to find stinger bumpers with a winch plate, D-rings, and shackles fixed to them. Besides, stubby bumpers sometimes come with a bull bar that will act as a grille guard. There are many styles present, so it will be easy for you to find the perfect one for your off-road adventures.


Where Can You Buy the Best Jeep Off-Road Bumpers?


The best place to find the best Jeep off-road bumpers in Australia is Just Jeeps Auto Wreckers. They have a great experience of 30 years in automation and are one of the top leading spare parts and accessories suppliers. Besides, our offline store is available in Sunshine, Victoria, and is open all days a week to help customers. 


Just Jeeps are the place where experts will help you to choose the best spare parts for your Jeep according to your need and budget. Moreover, our online store is also open if you want your spare parts to deliver to your location in Australia. Get in touch with us today to grab more information about your vehicle!