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Buy Jeep Patriot Tyres in Australia


Whether you are driving on a street or off-roading, you will need your Jeep Patriot's right tires. The tires provide you with safe traction on wet and dry roads. You will be able to ride comfortably, even on uneven road surfaces. Jeep Patriot tires provide outstanding tread life, excellent fuel economy and low noise on the road. All-terrain tires are the right choice if you love to explore the wilderness. Good-quality tires are durable and provide value for money. If you are buying tires for your Jeep, the number of variations and options are overwhelming for most drivers. The significant difference between tire brands in the construction, tread design, and compounding.

Jeep Patriot Tyres Australia

Knowing when to replace tires is as important as making the right choice. If you want to replace tires on your Jeep Patriot, there are many that you need to consider. The tread depth is the first thing you need to pay attention to when looking to replace tires.

If there is insufficient tread depth, the tires will not provide traction on the road. Apart from this, the tires will not be able to resist hydroplaning. 2/32-inch is the least tread depth on all-season tires. 5/32-inch is the least for winter tires.

Most tires on the Patriot have tread depth indicators. It is crucial to monitor them regularly so that you know the tread depth of the tires. When the tread depth is at its least, it will become flush with the surface. Even if there is sufficient tread depth, it doesn't mean that the tires are safe. With time the rubber on the tires becomes hard. When this happens, you will lose a lot of traction. It is for this reason you need to replace the patriot tires every 4 � 5 years.

Jeep Patriot Off-Road Tyres

If you want to enhance your off-road driving experience, you will need special tires for your Jeep Patriot. If you choose a tire that is not specifically designed for off-road, you will lose traction and risk damage to the tire.

Right, off-road tyres can be divided into different categories. All-terrain, mud-terrain, and highway-terrain are the categories in which off-road tires are available. Each of these categories has its strength, and you will need to keep this in mind when buying off-road tires for your Jeep Patriot.

Mud-terrain tires will enable you to find a grip even in challenging driving conditions. The open tread pattern of these tires will help you find traction even in loose and muddy conditions. These tires tend to self-clean when they rotate.

The heavy-duty construction and extra sidewall protection will prevent punctures. It is beneficial when there is low pressure in the tires. The load capacity of off-road tires is also crucial as it will help determine how much weight the tires can withstand. The tread pattern of off-road tires is aggressive. You will find a large tread design beneficial as it cleans the dirt, dust, and small stones on its own. Don't worry about cleaning the tires daily.

Apart from the tread depth and design of the tire, the tires' weight is also considered. The weight will indicate the quality and construction of the tires. The strength of a tire will prove whether it is puncture resistant.

Best Tyres for Jeep Patriot

All-terrain tires are the best. You can choose them if you are looking for balanced driving on all types of surfaces. These tires have a robust construction with more open tread patterns. The tires are rugged and durable and offer excellent capabilities for an off-road adventure.

A balanced tread pattern is a feature that helps the tire maintain it's on and off-road performance. It also offers acceptable levels of grip and safety on different surfaces.

The best tyres for off-road offer thicker construction, wider channels, and deep tread depth. The profound depth tread will help deal with dirt, dust, mud, stones, and off-roading impacts. The thick construction of the tires will increase rolling resistance. It will also reduce fuel economy. The profound depth tread might affect the way you stop and turn the tire. The tread rubber will fold or bend under stress.


When you choose the best tires, wisely you will drive safe and comfortable in all types of terrain. Don't worry about the tires losing traction within a couple of years. If you choose the wrong tire, you will end up with a bent fender and lost money.


What Tires Fit A Jeep Patriot?

The best tires that fit a Jeep Patriot get designed in the following sizes.

These tire and rim sizes will fit the different models and make of a Patriot. You can choose all-season and all-terrain tires depending on your specific needs. The extra length of tires will complement any road condition or driving style.

You can choose the tires for off-road handling, fuel efficiency, and highway cruising. Wherever you drive, the tires will be part of your journey. You must select the right tires for your Jeep. Your safety and driving capability will depend on your choice. A wrong set of tires will not correct and can result in accidents.

Just Jeeps Auto Wreckers has hundreds of tires that fit different types of Jeep Patriot models and make. The tires get listed by their size in the online inventory. You can choose a set of tires that match your specific needs and budget. The rim size is also specified online. Always choose a tire that matches the year, make. And model of your Jeep Patriot. Browse through the large inventory of auto parts and accessories. You can use the online search criteria to find the tires you want for your Jeep.

Place online order, and we will ship the tires you want anywhere in Australia. If you are unsure about choosing the right set of tires for your Jeep Patriot, you can talk with our experienced technicians. The information provided by the experts will help you make the right choice.