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Jeep Seat Covers for Sale | Australia


Known for their best-in-class SUV�s, Jeep is one of the most trusted car brands in the world. Launched back in 1940, this brand has built a solid lineage thanks to its unique and rugged-style vehicles. Jeep was owned by three different parent companies until 1987 when American-based automotive giant Fiat Chrysler Automobile overtook its operations.


Jeep�s product range consists of sports utility vehicles or SUV�s ranging from crossovers and entirely off-road models. The company expanded its operation to nearly every part of the world with Jeep Compass and Jeep Wrangler being their flagship cars in recent times. 


Off-roading enthusiasts around the world know the true potential of Jeep. It is one of the few commercial brands to deliver mainstream off-roading features in their vehicles. This was started back in 1940 when the American army used their initial cars in World Wars. From 1950 to 1950, Jeep mainly operated in American sub-continent and built a strong customer base. The releases of Jeep Cherokee and Grand Cherokee marked the start of their era of dominance. Cherokee was regarded as one of the best SUV�s of all time and since it has garnered some real fame for its brand. Cherokee was known for its undisputable engine performance and excellent off-roading capabilities.


However, one peculiar thing stands out in every Jeep vehicle, and that is the quality of their seats. Helmed for their off-roading performance, the quality and comfort of seats are essential. And luckily, Jeep equipped their sports utility vehicles with a top-notch quality of seats. 


Types of Seat Covers for Jeep 



Neoprene is the most common type of covers used in Jeep cars. It is a high-grade spongy rubber that can quickly reshape and reform accordingly. It is exceptionally comfortable, and it keeps the temperature regulating throughout. Neoprene also provides a decent amount of water protection, which is essential when it comes choosing a seat cover. On top of that, they can be cleaned without much hassle.


However, when it comes longevity, Neoprene seat covers tend to give up their exterior colour in a relatively short period. This can be due to excessive UV rays and heavy usage. Despite this drawback, Neoprene covers remain a leading option in best Jeep Wrangler Seat Covers.



Polycotton jeep seat covers are made from a combination of polyester and cotton, and they are regarded for their linear custom fit. Polycotton is an overall very breathable material, so these covers are apt for Australia�s scorching summer conditions. When it comes to delivering easy-washability and spillproof, Polycotton seat covers are right up there as well.


The only drawback of these covers is that they are not recommended to be used in chilly or dry places, as polycotton covers can get cold in closed areas.



As the name suggests, Vinyl seat covers are constructed purely out from vinyl. These covers are extremely affordable and super-easy to clean. That�s why most of the off-roading enthusiasts prefer Vinyl seat covers over others. These covers are highly applicable for most of the vehicles in Jeep�s lineup, such as Wrangler, Compass and Cherokee.


The only drawback of these covers is that these covers don�t have snug fit as they are not breathable. So it does not distribute the heat accurately in summer-time, which can be a thing to worry thanks to Australia�s humid temperature.



Leather and Vinyl covers are indistinguishable at first glance; however, Leather Jeep Seat Covers are much more premium and long-lasting comparatively. Leather is a lot more breathable, and it looks sumptuous if appropriately cleaned. It also provides enough resistance against water, and these can be deemed as the best waterproof jeep seat covers.


The only knock against leather seat covers is that they demand a lot of attention from our end. You have to be careful with sharp objects, and it also requires regular cleaning. 


Best Place to Buy Jeep Seat Covers


The best place to buy jeep seat covers is undoubtedly JustJeeps.com.au Regarded as one of the best second-hand wreckers in the country, JustJeeps boasts a massive inventory of jeep seat covers in general. And we can deliver your favourite seat cover at your doorstep, so there is no hassle for you. We have even got the exclusive Jeep seat covers Grand Cherokee that is super hard to find, especially here in Australia.


In terms of availability, we have our warehouses filled with almost every type of seat covers specifically for the Jeep, both in new and old conditions. We cover all the major offerings from Jeep, including Grand Cherokee, Compass, Wrangler and Gladiator. So rest assured, as you are buying from the best jeep parts supplier Australia.


So now you know the place to buy Jeep seat covers Australia. Just contact us and order your desired seat covers for your Jeep vehicle. And we will deliver it to your house in no time.