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Jeep Sound Bar Speaker Size Details & Guide


If you want to have fun and listen to your favourite music when driving your Jeep, you should invest wisely in a good quality soundbar speaker. Choosing a soundbar speaker is not easy as there are so many brands available, and you will need to select the speaker wisely to get the best sound performance even in challenging terrain.The size of the soundbar speaker is small compared to the regular speakers you have on a Jeep, and the size ranges from 5 � - 6 � inches. These speakers can produce high bass and treble, enabling you to hear a crystal clear voice without any issues.


Guide to Buying Sound Bar Speaker

There are many different things you need to consider before you buy a soundbar speaker for your Jeep.

Sound Quality

The first thing you need to consider when buying a soundbar speaker is its sound quality. The frequency range needs to get checked, and it will help ascertain the speaker's sound quality. If the frequency range is extensive, the speakers will produce a high-quality sound. In most soundbars, the frequency range is between 10 � 20,000 hertz, the lowest frequency is 10, and the highest frequency is 20,000 hertz. You don't have to check the entire frequency range to find out the best sound quality.

Power Handling

The power handling feature will enable you to find out how much power the soundbar speakers can handle. If you have a sound system that has low power, then the speakers cannot take considerable power.

If the soundbar system has external amplifiers, the speaker should handle the power to match the output produced by the loudspeakers. The maximum RMS that the speaker system can handle is its peak power capacity. If your sound system has an RMS (root mean square) rating of 2 � 50 watts, it will perfectly match a low-powered sound system. If the RMS rating is 10 � 80 watts, it will handle a high-powered sound system.

Sensitivity Rating

You can evaluate its sensitivity rating to determine how much sound the soundbar speaker can draw with the applied power. You should choose speakers with a high sensitivity rating and look for speakers with a sensitivity rating of 90 dB. If you have a high-powered sound system with an RMS of 16 watts or above, choosing a lower sensitivity rating is best. It is when you power the sound system properly that you will get the best sound output.


The other feature you should consider when choosing a soundbar speaker is mobility. It is best to buy a speaker that has to surround sound effects to hear the sound from all corners of your Jeep. Most speakers don't have this capacity. If your speakers do have tweeters with a pivoting feature, then it is ideal for mobility.


When you buy a soundbar speaker, you should ensure that it is compatible with your Jeep. If the speaker is not compatible with your vehicle, it will not produce a good sound effect.

Speaker Product Materials

The materials used to make woofers are stiff and lightweight, and it helps produce good quality sound. The synthetic film, polypropylene and mica mixed with polypropylene are suitable materials and enhance the speaker's sound.

Aluminium and titanium are also suitable materials. Light woven fabrics also offer a good sound quality. One unique quality of all these materials is that they can withstand high warm and cold temperatures. If you want to improve the speaker's sound, you can add subwoofers, which will enhance the quality of sound and make the music appealing.


Even though it is easy to install soundbar speakers, you can seek professional help if you are unsure about doing so. If you install the speakers on your vehicle door, you will need extra protection to safeguard them from damage. Choosing the best soundbar speaker is not difficult if you know what to look for when buying them. Always buy speakers that have a sensitivity of 90db, and it will enable you to get the best sound quality for your Jeep.

Always buy waterproof speakers, and it will ensure that they perform efficiently in any weather condition. Good quality speakers will help you relax and enjoy your drive as you listen to your favourite music.

Just Jeeps Auto Wreckers has many types of soundbar speakers for different models and makes of Jeeps. You can browse our online inventory to look at the many types and styles of speakers. Enjoy your favourite music as you drive through challenging terrains.

Aftermarket soundbar speakers also provide excellent sound performance when they get installed on your Jeep. Once installed, they will perform efficiently for years. Avoid buying cheap quality speakers as they will ruin the entire music listening experience. Cheap music systems tend to get damaged easily, and you might have to replace them.

The soundbars, speakers, subwoofers and other auto audio accessories sold at Just Jeeps Auto Wreckers get tested for their efficiency. Only audio systems from the best and the most reputed manufacturers get listed online for sales. You will find different audio systems compatible with the many models and makes of Jeep or other vehicles you own. Awareness about the model and make of your car will help you make an informed choice.

If you are unsure which model or brand of soundbar speakers, you should buy for your Jeep, and you can ask our experts. The experts at our store have many years of knowledge and experience and will guide you in choosing the right audio system for your vehicle. All Jeep parts and accessories that we sell have a warranty associated with them, and this assures you that you are buying genuine auto parts. All Jeep parts and accessories are competitively priced, and this will help save money.