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A Little bit about Jeep Dodge and Chrysler


All Front and Rear Suspension

Jeep is a multi-purpose vehicle which is capable of traversing a rough terrain. The first kind of jeep was designed by the Department of Army for the purposes of carrying personnel as well as supplies. Later on, Ford and Willys produce two more kinds of jeep prototypes, the company later manufactured the first mass production of jeeps.

The origin of the word jeep is not clear but people have the belief that the word came from phonetically slurred pronunciation of “GP” which stands for general purpose. Some people are of the opinion that the multi-purpose name vehicle came from a character in Thimble Theatre comic strip Popeye, the character is known as Eugene the Jeep. This is a character which can walk through walls and ceiling, climb trees, fly and also go to any location you desire.

The early Americans believe that soldiers were so much impressed with the versatility of the jeep that they named their prototype from the comic character. After the production of the first prototype of jeep as well as the second prototype from Ford and Willys-Overland, Willys-Overland Motor Company was designated to produce the first mass production of Jeeps in Toledo, Ohio.


The jeep is widely copied by other countries like Netherlands and France. The French version of the jeep is designed by Hotchkiss while the Netherlands version is manufactured by Nekaf. Other versions of the jeep are the railway jeep as well as the amphibious jeep which are more useful than any other vehicle of its size.

Part of the war effort brought jeeps to the Red Army during the World War II. Nowadays, the trademark holder of Jeep is DaimlerChrysler which is the successor of the company Willys-Overland. Jeep are known to be distinct in design and are rugged thereby having application in several terrains.

It was also believed that the jeep brand is famous around the world because of the versatility of the vehicle. Jeep producers are well known around the world for their versatile vehicle which have several purposes in different environments. In addition to other kind of jeep vehicle which have different model designation, some of them are civilian jeep which has “xJ” designation although not all of them are well known as the classic CJ or Civilian Jeep. There are several models of Jeep and some of them include:

Jeep Wrangler - small successor of the Jeep CJ (TJ in Canada)

Jeep Grand Cherokee - large family-oriented SUV

Jeep Liberty - Small SUV (called Cherokee outside of North America)

Jeep Commander -

  • Support the vehicle
  • Absorb bumps and other shocks
  • Allow the vehicle to turn in response to steering input from the driver.

The modern suspensions are composed of hundreds of different parts and the suspension design of vehicles varies but at www.Justjeeps.com.au you can easily get both front and rear suspension part of different models of Jeep at affordable price because they are new and have just been stocked.

A good functional Jeep suspension part would also make the owner feel comfortable with the vehicle whenever it is in use. This will also ensure the safety as well as satisfaction of the user thereby resulting into maximum benefit to the user.


The Dodge is a brand of car which was founded in 1900 by the Dodge brothers – Horace and John Dodge – as the Dodge Brothers Company to supply parts and also assemblies to the burgeoning Detroit automobile industry. The company was very successful while producing engines as well as chassis for Olds Motor Vehicle Company as well as Ford Motor Company.

The demands as well as stress of the booming automobile industry make the brothers to think about manufacturing their own complete cars. They began the process and started the manufacturing of Dodge vehicles in 1913. The first car produced by the Dodge Brothers company was the Dodge Model 30, which introduced several key concepts that were up to standard such as steel body, 12 volt electrical system as well as a sliding gear transmission. The Dodge car is known for its various standard as well as quality showed by the brothers when they enter the auto industry. By 1916, the Dodge cars were the second largest selling in the US, after Ford Model T.

After the death of the Dodge brothers in 1920, the company was firstly sold to Dillon, Reed & Co. for a reported amount of $146 million which is the largest financial transaction in history, later on it was sold to Chrysler for an amount of $170 million stock deal but at this time the company has dropped from the second to seventh in the US automobile sales chart.

The Pearl Harbor and the United State entry into WWII serve as the major turning point in the fortunes of Dodge motors. The Dodge brand was very successful in the Chrysler line of product as a military vehicle because of the durability of its light trucks.

Dodge was one of the foremost players in the late 1960’s and 70’s muscle car market and is mostly remembered today as the creator of some of the lovely muscle cars from that era. The lumbering, fuel inefficient Dodges, however were not prepared for the fuel crisis of 1973 when the demand for efficient smaller cars increased. The financially strained parent company, Chrysler, could not move quickly enough to modify its line up so as to meet this new challenge.

Later on, Dodge parent company, Chrysler branched out into smaller, more efficient models such as Caravan. Dodge, however, maintained its sporty lineage with the introduction of models such as Dodge Spirit as well as the popular Dodge Viper.

Nowadays, Dodge is best known for its aggressively styled cars such as Dodge Challenger and Charger, and its powerful, sturdy trucks, the Dodge Ram and the Dodge Dakota. Despite the company’s main market of pickup trucks and big sporty cars, Dodge has continued to stay string in North American market.



Maxwell Motor Company was reorganized into Chrysler Corporation by Walter Chrysler on June 6, 1925. In January 1924 the well-known Chrysler model was launched by Walter Chrysler, it was a six-cylinder automobile providing customers with an advanced, intelligently-engineered car at an affordable price. This original model of Chrysler included a carburettor air filter, high compression engine, full pressure lubrication as well as oil filter which were not present in contemporary automobiles.

The four-wheel wheel hydraulic brakes were innovated and engineered completely by Chrysler with patent assigned to Lockheed. It also implemented rubber engine mount to reduce vibrator, a road wheel with a ridged rim so as to keep a deflated tire from flying off the wheel. This safety was later implemented by auto manufacturing companies across the world. Later on, the low priced 4-cylinder Chryslers that were introduced were basically Maxwell’s that had been re-engineered and rebranded. During this time Walter Chrysler assumed the presidency of Maxwell and the company was incorporated under the name of Chrysler. The Chrysler traded under the symbol C in the New York Stock Exchange.

The German based automobile company Daimler-Benz AG purchased Chrysler and its subsidiaries in 1998, forming the combined entity Daimler-Chrysler AG. Under this collaboration the company was named DaimlerChrysler Motors Company LLC but the U.S operations of the company were generally referred to as the Chrysler Group. On May 14, 2007 80.1% of Chrysler Group was sold to the American private equity firm Cerberus Capital Management and became to be known as Chrysler LLC. Daimler continued to hold 19.9% stake till August 27, 2009. On that date Daimler AG signed an agreement with Cerberus Capital Management to give up the remaining stakes and pay $600 million to automaker's pension fund.

On April 30, 2009, Chrysler LLC announced the plan for a partnership with Italian automaker Fiat. It was stated that Fiat will initially hold 20% stake in the Chrysler Group LLC, having an option to increase to 35%. Following Fiat's acquisition of stake and Chrysler's restructuring plans, Fiat stated its plan for Chrysler and Lancia to develop products together. Fiat wanted them to share some of their manufactured vehicles. In October 2009, Oliver Francois, the CEO of Lancia, took over as the CEO of the Chrysler division. The main marketing plan of Fiat was depending on the demand and market condition some Chrysler cars will be sold as Lancia's and vice versa. Fiat's aim was to establish Chrysler brand as an upscale brand. Lancia Delta is the first Lancia car to be sold under the brand name of Chrysler at 2010 Detroit Auto Show.

Chrysler officially holds the rank of the world's thirteenth largest vehicle manufacturer according to OICA in 2008. The total vehicle production of Chrysler was about 1.89 million, more than two-thirds of them being light commercial vehicles. It ranks ahead of BMW and behind Daimler AG. Very soon Chrysler will get an entire new line-up after refreshing, redesigning and reengineering every car and truck, swapping out engines and creating vehicles suited to people's need.

There are various kinds of makes as well as models of Chrysler and these models are chosen according to the need of the users. Some of the common models include Chrysler 300, Chrysler PT Cruiser, Chrysler Crossfire, Chrysler Voyager, Chrysler Town and Country, Chrysler 300C, Chrysler Sebring, Chrysler Fifth Avenue, Chrysler 200C EV, Chrysler LHS, Chrysler Windsor, Chrysler LeBaron. However, one crucial part which is common to these models are suspension parts because of its crucial role of connecting the vehicle part to the road suface. Whenever there is need to replace a suspension parts www.Justjeeps.com.au is the most appropriate site to visit because of the availability of all kinds of Chrysler front and rear suspension parts such as wheels and tires, springs, shock absorbers and struts, Linkages, Bushings, bearings and joints, all types of steering systems, hydraulic power steering, electric power steering etc