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Jeep Tire Covers & Wheel Covers For Sale


Jeep tire covers are not just useful but add an aesthetic appeal to your vehicle. You will be able to see these covers on off-road cars and other vehicles like the Jeep Wrangler. The wheel covers help in protecting the spare from the harsh effects of the weather.

Just Jeeps Auto Wreckers has different tire covers and wheel covers for sale. You can make a choice depending on the model and make of the Jeep you drive. Please browse through our catalogue to find the tire and wheel covers of your choice.

Jeep Tire Covers for Wrangler

The jeep tire covers for Wrangler are available in large and small diameter. It helps fit different types of tire diameters. The sleek design is perfect for any Wrangler. The rugged tire covers are easy to use. The covers made from water-repellant materials are weatherproof. You will be able to clean them without much of an effort. Available in different styles and colours, the tire covers will help complement the look of your Jeep.

Why Buy Jeep Spare Tire Covers?

Protection from Weather and Sun Damage

Exposure to heat, rain, snow, cold, dirt, and dust will cause considerable damage to the spare tire. Lack of protection will cause cracks in the sidewall and weaken the rubber. It will make the tire structure week. The wheel cover will limit the damage. The finish of the rubber tire gets affected when exposed to harmful UV rays. If you don't want the tire to degrade, you should keep it protected. Jeep wheel covers block the UV rays, and this keeps the tire protected.

Theft Deterrent

When you cover the spare tire, it will deter the would-be thieves. Hardcovers offer the best protection against theft. It is due to their hard to open latches.


As spare tires come in different sizes, you should find a cover that fits properly. Jeep tire covers custom made for your Wrangler will help keep the elements out. It will ensure that the spare tire looks as good as new. You can customize the materials of the spare tire cover. You can choose a glossy material, shiny vinyl or hard shell to match the colour of your Jeep. The spare tire covers price range varies depending on the material and other features.

High-quality product covers with premade colours and designs are more durable and priced higher. Hard-shell and custom covers are the most expensive. We stock all types of tire covers, and you can buy as per your budget and specific needs.


Jeep Steering Wheel Covers

When you buy a good-quality steering wheel cover, you will be able to enjoy added grip on the wheel. It will help ensure a safe ride. Apart from this, the wheel cover will also prevent the steering wheel from getting old and dirty.

A customized cover for the steering wheel will increase the appeal of your Jeep. Installing a wheel cover is not difficult. You will require patience and some care so that you can install it smoothly. Seek professional help if you are unable to do so. Clean the cover at regular intervals. It will help prevent the accumulation of dirt and dust.


Things to Consider When Buying Steering Wheel Covers

Buying a steering wheel cover is a good idea. The Jeep wheel covers custom will help update your old steering old. The steering wheel will not only look good, but it will also make driving safe.


Different types of steering wheel covers are available. The tire and wheel covers we sell will overwhelm you. Leather steering wheel covers are a popular choice. These covers are suitable for a wide range of Jeep models and make.  A right choice of steering wheel cover will provide comfort to the driver. Leather covers last long and the soft padding offer a better grip of the wheel.


One of the first things that you need to consider when buying a steering wheel cover is its size. Steering wheels are available in different sizes. When you choose the right size, it will fit snugly on the wheel and help protect it. Get to know the size of your Jeep Wrangler steering wheel. Different makes and models have different sizes. When you are aware of the size, you will be able to choose correctly.

If you buy a cover that is too small or large, it will affect your safety on the road. We have a wide selection of sizes, and you can choose the correct size after measuring the steering wheel.

Environmental Factors

The weather and environment are factors that you need to consider when buying steering wheel covers. If you live in a city or town that is too hot or cold, it is advisable to buy a wheel cover that will keep your hands cold or warm when driving. If you had parked your Jeep too long in the sun, you will be unable to touch the steering wheel as it would have become too hot. The steering wheel cover will help keep it cool. Similarly, in cold weather, the material of the wheel cover will keep your hands warm.


Just Jeeps Auto Wreckers has one of the most extensive stocks of tire covers and wheel covers in the australian market. If you are aware of the tire and wheel size, you can make a choice. You can also seek the help of our experts in making an informed choice.