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Buy Jeep Wrangler Accessories in Australia


Jeep Wrangler owners are often overwhelmed with the many choices of accessories. With the right selection of accessories, you will be able to upgrade your Jeep and improve its performance. Just Jeeps Auto Wreckers is Australia's favorite Jeep Wrangler auto parts and accessories outlet. Our online inventory has hundreds of auto parts and accessories for different models and makes of the Wrangler. Select any accessories you want, and we will ship them to your address in Australia.

Tinted Front Indicator Lights

The simple design of the front indicator lights will enhance the exterior look of your Wrangler. The high-quality ABS material is waterproof. The front lights are bright with super-fast on and off response. The tinted indicator lights help you drive safely.


Under Seat Lock Box

The under-seat lockbox accessory gets placed under the driver's seat. It gets constructed with steel, and the box is durable. The pick-resistant lockbox comes with two keys. The concealed design of the locker helps you store anything valuable in it.
The installation is easy, and you don't require any special tools to complete the installation process. The black powder coat finish enhances its look and feel.

Front Grab Handles

Getting in and out of your Jeep Wrangler can be difficult for some people, mostly if lifted. You don't have to worry, as the front grab handles will give you a helping hand. The grab handles come as a pair. You can install one grab handle on the driver's side and one on the passenger's side. The handles are easy to install, and you can attach them to the front door's sports bar. Constructed steel, the grab handles will provide you a comfortable grabbing point when you get in and out of your Wrangler.


Black Seat Cover

If you want to keep your Jeep seats looking new, you can upgrade with the black seat cover. The seat cover gives the Jeep seat protection against scratches, spills, stains, and other substances that find their way onto Jeep seats.
The universal fit seat cover can be machine washed. The t lock cover slides down easily to fit the seat. The seat covers are made of 100% terry cotton, and this makes them comfortable.

Shift Knob

The shift knob adds a unique custom appearance to the interiors of your Jeep. It gets constructed with premium aluminum; the black anodized finish gives it a stylish look. The installation is easy. The polyurethane tire-tread grip will improve performance and withstand daily wear and tear.

Floor Mat Kit � Front and Rear

The floor mat kit (front and rear) is one of the best ways to protect the interiors of your Jeep. The mat provides maximum coverage and protects against dirt, dust, grime, mud, and snow. The drain holes of the floor mat ensure drainage of water and other liquids.
The floor mats have ribbed backing. The four mat set gets constructed in the high wall bucket style. It helps keep the floor of the Jeep clean at all times. It will hold the mats in place.

Center Console Arm Rest Cover

The armrest cover is an easy-to-use cover that provides comfort and protection. The slip-on design makes it easy to install. No drilling required for the installation. The black armrest cover complements the interior of your Jeep Wrangler. Constructed with heavy-duty neoprene, it has an added layer of padding for extra comfort. The cover provides a soft place to put the arm when driving.

Cargo Cover

The cargo cover protects the interior cargo area of your Jeep. It gets woven from ballistic fabric, and the surface is water-resistant. The cargo cover provides full coverage to the cargo area and protects it from getting soiled from dust, dirt, and grime.

The cargo cover is flexible, allowing you to use them with the rear seats up or partially lowered. You can also drop it entirely for more space. The built-in front curtain feature will help keep more things in the cargo area. The cargo cover's side retention system helps keep it in place as you load and unload cargo. A flip-out cover flap helps prevent debris from falling into the rear tailgate when you are unpacking.

Auxiliary Lighting Relay Harness

If you want to add auxiliary lighting for your off-road drive, you will need additional wiring for this purpose. The extra lighting relay harness makes the installation of off-road lights, LEDs, and light bars a simple task. The harness includes a 30 amp in-line fuse. The fuse helps safeguard the electrical systems. Apart from this, the harness also has a 40-amp relay with connectors. The connectors get cut to length and weather-packed. A prewired on and the off switch also gets included. The connectors are heat shrunk and soldered so that they are durable and long-lasting.

Fender Flare

If you want to add rugged styling to your Wrangler, you can choose fender flare. The flares will fit both 2-door and 4-door Jeep models. The fender flare can be customized as per your specific needs. Manufactured with ABS plastic, the fender flares are UV resistant. It protects the Jeep from off-road debris. The fenders also add to the exterior look of the Wrangler. The unique design of the plastic flare enables it to absorb impact on collision. Installing the fender flare is simple and no drilling or special tools required for this purpose. The front fenders have LEDs integrated into them.

Rear Bumper

The rear bumper gets constructed of sturdy steel. The one-piece design adds style to the exterior of the Jeep. The full-width bumper covers the entire back area of the Wrangler. The bumper provides additional clearance for large tire and wheel combinations.
Installation hardware it isis provided with the rear bumper, and this makes installation easy.

Side Steps

The side steps make it easy and safe to access the Jeep Wrangler. As Constructed with aluminum, the side steps are corrosion resistant. The black powder coat added to the aluminum helps protect against surface damage. The steps look great and create a clean look on the side of the Wrangler. The drop-down hoop steps make it easy to access the Jeep in any weather conditions. Installation is easy, and the steps will hold up against daily wear and tear.

Roof Racks

The rugged roof racks provide enough room for you to keep your luggage or bikes or canoes safely and securely. A good-quality roof rack will handle at least 300 pounds, made of durable steel; the stand is long-lasting. The roof rack gets built to handle all types of weather. The textured powder coating makes the racks rust and corrosion-resistant. The rack's unique design will help you tilt it so that you can access the hard or soft top. You need to drill for installation.

Multi-Purpose Tailgate Table

The multi-purpose tailgate table gets constructed of lightweight aluminum. The table will give you the additional surface area you want for your Jeep. The tailgate table is large, but you don't have to sacrifice cargo space. The upgrade features multiple holes and slots, and it folds up against the inner portion of the Jeep. The stainless-steel hardware has two cup holders.

Bonnet Lock

The bonnet lock gets used to secure bonnet accessories. The lock is compatible with a Jeep wrangler. You can fix the lock into existing holes and secure the hood items. It will help prevent theft. The t lock has a limited lifetime warranty. The stainless-steel lock is weatherproof and is corrosion resistant. The locking shutter keeps out moisture and dust. When you remove the key from the lock, the auto-return spring keys lock automatically.

Safety Light Road Flare

The Jeep Wrangler is a challenging and rugged vehicle. There are instances when even the toughest of cars tend to breakdown. A safety light road flare will help other drivers see you on the road when you are waiting for assistance or changing the Jeep tires. A bright light source is a safe option.

The road fare utilizes a 123A lithium battery. It helps in providing a stable light output. The LED lights are red and penetrate the darkness of the night, ensuring that the oncoming traffic will be able to see you. The light road flare is easy to use. The compact design is environmentally friendly and waterproof.

Windshield Tie Down Straps

The new Wrangler has a windshield that can be easy to fold down for a complete off-road adventure. The pair of tie-down straps will keep the windshield secure and safe. A protective black coat finish makes the straps durable. The straps will be able to withstand any weather.

Headrest Grab Handles

The headrest grab handles will give the back seat passengers a place to hold on when you go on your off-road trail drive. The grab handles are comfortable and easy to use. It gets constructed with durable nylon, and the soft molded grab handles are suitable to hold even for a longer time. The grab handles can be mounted directly to the headrest. No vehicle modifications or drilling are required to complete the installation process.

Roll Bar Grab Handles

Add safety and style to the interior of your Jeep Wrangler; you can choose roll bar grab handles. You will be able to install the roll bar grab handles anywhere along the roll bar. Installation and removal get done within minutes. The grab handles make it easy for you to enter and exit your Wrangler. It gets constructed with nylon; the handles are sturdy and durable. The roll bar grab handles work on all Jeep Wrangler models.

Sun Visor Organizer

More storage space is something that all Jeep owners wish for in their vehicles. The sun visor organizer is an elegant way of adding extra space to your Wrangler. You will be able to access the storage space comfortably when driving your Jeep.

The visor organizer on the driver's side features a bottom window. The bottom window is see-through. The visor on the passenger's side features a vanity mirror. Both organizers have an inside storage pocket.

The inside pocket has customized storage options. The custom storage options include two tire gauge or pen holders, a mesh storage pocket, and a clear window pocket. Manufactured with black vinyl, the organizer is durable. No drilling or vehicle modification is required to complete the installation process. You will be able to complete the installation process within minutes.

Winch with Steel Cable

The winch with steel cable provides the best off-road support. The winch can be remote-controlled, and this makes it easy to operate. No matter how difficult your trial is, you can always count on the winch to get you out of challenging situations. The steel winch is waterproof, and this makes it durable. Even though you can install it on your own, it is best to seek professional help to establish the steel winch. Proper installation is necessary to get the winch working at all times.

There is an endless amount of upgrades you can do to your Wrangler. It would be best if you chose accessories depending on what you want from your vehicle. Do you want to improve your off-road capabilities? Do you want the interiors to look more stylish? Do you want the exteriors to have a rugged look?

Every Jeep Wrangler accessory has inherent features that make them unique. Most Jeep owners see their vehicles as canvass that they can upgrade and make it their own. Even the Wrangler's latest models and make can be upgraded and given a customized look and feel.

Just Jeeps Auto Wreckers offers a vast selection of Jeep Wrangler accessories. Whether you want to add practicality to the interiors or some rugged upgrade to the exteriors, we have the accessories you want.


Visit our online inventory, and you will find what you are looking for to upgrade your Jeep. Don't forget to check our wide range of affordable accessories. The right choice of upgrades will help boost the performance of your Wrangler. The accessories are customized to fit the specific needs of your Wrangler model and make. You can always rely on us for genuine auto parts and accessories. All accessories we sell get covered with a warranty.