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Jeep Wrangler Bolt Pattern in Australia


Jeeps look classy, and riding them all together provides a different feeling of happiness. However, they are considered best to face harsh situations. If you are an off-roading lover, nothing could work better for you. Jeeps have evolved over the years, and their use has also increased. Presently, Jeep Wrangler is one such automobile that is ruling in this segment. People who love to ride sporty automobiles would find Jeep Wrangler an interesting pick. It is best in all means, whether it is designing, features, and other aspects.


One of the most thrilling attributes of the Jeep Wrangler is its bolt pattern. You might be wondering what bolt patterns are? Don't worry; we have combined complete information regarding the same to help you out. Let us get into a deep understanding of the bolt patterns of Jeep Wrangler. 


What are the Jeep Wrangler Bolt Patterns?


The prime step to look out for the best bolt pattern for your Jeep is to count the number of mounting studs or holes present on the wheel. Jeeps have around five lugs present in their wheels. This might seem manageable, but in reality, it is not as most jeeps will have five lugs, but the spacing will not always be identical. The bolt pattern will help you to know how many studs or holes are present there on wheels. Also, you can identify the spacing present between both of them. 


It will be a bit easy for you to conceptualize if you imagine that the lugs of the wheel form an invisible circle. Well, both JL and JK Jeep Wrangler come with 5-lug wheels having a space of around 5-inch. This means that the bolt pattern of your car will be 5 X 5 inches. Wheels having different bolt patterns as your stock rims will not fit properly. It's the reason why it is important to have all the correct information before investing in new wheels. Using the ideal lug nuts can prevent any kind of damage to your wheels and potential fitting issues. 


How to measure the Jeep Wrangler Bolt Patterns? 


It is quite simple to measure your jeep wheel's bolt pattern as you only need to find out the exact diameter. The measurement of the bolt patterns is usually dependent upon the number of lug nuts your Jeep wheel has. As it has been earlier discussed mostly, Jeeps have around five lug nuts in their tires.  


You need to start from the stud's outer edge and then measure it from the back of the hole to the middle of the opposite stud. This also means that there needs to be one lug nut present between the two lug nuts you are trying to measure. If your Jeep has four-lug, six-lug, or even eight-lug, then you can measure from the center of one stud to the core of another stud in the opposite direction. 


Jeep Wrangler Bolt Pattern Chart


The specification for the bolt pattern has changed over the years according to the design. However, if you want to obtain detailed information, then look over this handy chart. 



YJ Wrangler


TJ Wrangler


JK Wrangler


JL Wrangler


Bolt Pattern

5 x 4.5 inches

5 x 4.5 inches

5 x 5 inches

5 x 5 inches

Factory Wheel Size

15-16 inches

15-16 inches

17-18 inches

17-18 inches

Lug Nut Size

1/2 x 20

1/2 x 20

1/2 x 20

14mm x 1.5 inches

Hub Center Bore

71.5 mm

71.5 mm

71.5 mm

71.5 mm


Backspace and offset are two crucial factors you need to consider while talking about the Wrangler's bolt pattern. Also, they could help you in shopping for the ideal new wheels and tires for your Jeep. If you have any plans to go off-roading and consider using larger tires on the rig, make sure they are of the right fit and size. 


Your tire rub can cause some issues with improper measuring techniques. These issues will frequently occur, especially when you are traveling over the obstacles on the trail. You would not want to have tire rub issues as it can negatively impact the handling of the car. 


What is Wheel Offset & Backspacing?


The distance to the hub mounting surface from the centerline of the wheel is typically considered to be wheel offset. The offset informs you how much your jeep wheel will extend outwards or cave towards the inside direction. There are typically three offset types like negative, positive, and zero. Wheels with positive offset come with a hub mounting surface near the wheel's front side, providing a flatter appearance. Zero offset means that the hub mounting surface and wheel centerline is equal. 


On the contrary, negative offset rims will cave inside with the hub mounting surface adjacent to the backside of the wheel. Deep dish wheels have a negative offset, and it provides a more attractive design to your wheels. This is because it comes with enough room space to work on the designing, 


Now you might have known better about the wheel offset, but do you know what is backspacing? It is similar to offset as it is the distance from the back of the wheel to the hub mounting surface. Backspacing is considered crucial to ensure enough room to equip all the wheels' suspension and brake components. You can prevent fitment and tire rub problems by measuring both backspacing and offset of the wheels. Keep in mind that backspace is measured in inches, while offset is typically measured in millimeters. 


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