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Buy Jeep Wrangler Light Bar in Australia


A light bar is a fantastic addition to your Jeep Wrangler. These auto accessories not only look good but also improve visibility at night. Most light bars have unique features, and this makes them a preferred choice of off-road enthusiasts.

When it comes to selecting light bars, there are many options available. When you gain knowledge about them, you will be able to make an informed choice. Lightbars are practical, versatile, and highly effective when it comes to illuminating off-road trails.

The light bar is one upgrade that will add value to your Jeep. It is often easy to install the light bars in your Jeep. You can seek help from professional auto technicians if you cannot complete the installation process on your own.

If you want to drive safely on the road in night conditions, you will need better light on the road. Most off-road trails don't have adequate light on the street, making driving challenging, especially at night. You can overcome this challenge with the installation of light bars on your Jeep. The light bars will help brighten up the road ahead so that you can see clearly. The bright lights will also help other drivers see your Wrangler on the road.

Different Types of Light Bars

Small Light Bars
Small light bars are an ideal choice as you will mount them anywhere, including the bumper, grille, or hood. These light bars are versatile, and you can use them as a complete lighting solution.

Curved Light Bars
The curved light bars will help light up a wider area or space. The curved light bar is a good choice if you are not driving in a straight line. The challenge you will face is that you will not be able to see a far distance.

Brightest Light Bars
If you drive in no light or low light conditions, you will need the brightest light bars. The bright light bars have a lumens count of at least 20,000.

Waterproof Light Bars
The most significant advantage of mounting waterproof light bars is that you will be able to drive your Jeep Wrangler in any weather conditions. You will be able to drive your Jeep in rain and snow.

Factors to Consider When Buying Light Bars

When buying the best light bar for your Jeep Wrangler, there are several factors that you need to consider.

The thing you need to consider when buying a light bar is lumens. Lumens is a unit that helps in measuring the brightness of a light. When the light has a larger lumens scale, it will shine brighter. It is best to buy a light bar with at least 10,000 lumens. Some high-quality light bars have a lumens scale of more than 50,000.

Number of Rows
When it comes to choosing the number of rows for a light bar, you have many options. You can either select a single row or a double row. Double row light bars produce more light. If you want a low profile for your Jeep, you can opt for the single bar light bar.

Bar Length
Lightbars are available in different lengths. Different bar length gives a different intensity of light. Before you choose, it is best to check the size of the Jeep Wrangler lamp holder. You will also need to decide the strength of light you need. You will have to pay attention to the bar length of the light bar if you want to fix auxiliary lights to your Wrangler.

When choosing the shape of the light bar, there are two options. You can select a straight light bar or a curved light bar. You can choose any shape you want depending on your personal preference. The shape of the light bar will not affect the type of illumination it provides on the road.

As the light bars will get powered by the Jeep, you will need suitable quality connectors. Most light bars are available with DT or ATP connectors. You will have to match the connectors with the wiring system you have in your Jeep Wrangler.

Beam Angle
The angle of the beam will help determine the area illumination depth and width. You can choose a wide beam angle if you want deep penetration. When you select a wide beam angle, you will also see a clearer view of the road.

Weather Resistance
Most manufacturers rate the light bars to indicate their weather-resistant capabilities. It is best to choose a light bar that is water and dust resistant. It will help the light bar last long.

Mounting Options
The mounts for a light bar often get sold separately. You will be able to mount the light bar on any Jeep. The mounting points will change depending on the model and make of the Jeep. Most Jeep owners with front bumpers will prefer to mount the light bar on the bumper or the grille. Apart from this, the preferred mounting options include above the windshield and the top of the hood.

Lightbars are available in different price ranges. Make a final choice depending on your budget. Lightbars with many features will cost more than those with fewer features.

Apart from features, there are other things that you might have to consider so that you make the best choice for your Jeep Wrangler.
Make accurate measurements even when no drilling or cutting required. You will have to measure the area of the Jeep where you plan to mount the light bar. You should always ensure that the measurements are consistent.

Lightbars get their power directly from the Jeep. Pay attention to the type of connectors you use, as they will determine the amount of power the light bars will consume. Regular cleaning and maintenance will ensure a long life for the light bars.


Just Jeeps Auto Wreckers has a wide range of light bars for all models and make of Jeep Wrangler. Choose any size or shape of the light bar you want to enhance your driving experience.