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DIY oil and oil filter change in your Jeep Wrangler


Thinking of changing the oil on your Jeep Wrangler yourself?  Don’t stress! Just follow some simple steps below to get your Jeep running smoothly again in less than 30 minutes.  Most Jeeps can be serviced with no special tools, ramps or jacks however it’s a good idea to keep these on hand should the need arise.


Get your tools ready

Before you get started, make sure you have the following items in your toolkit.

  • 13 mm socket and ratchet
  • Oil filter wrench
  • Funnel
  • Old rags
  • Oil filter
  • Oil container
  • Oil of your choice



  • It is best to do oil and oil filter change when your Jeep’s engine is cool. It doesn’t have to be extremely cold however leaving your car to cool for a few hours after driving is ideal. You can choose to lift the front of the Jeep using a jack stand, if you find it easier. It’s up to you.
  • Place the drain oil container under the area from where the oil is being removed from and use a 13mm socket to remove the drain plug.
  • Let this drain for approximately 10 minutes. The cooler the engine oil is, the thicker it will be and the longer it will take to extract.
  • Once the oil is completely drained, don’t forget to replace the drain plug otherwise you risk losing all the new oil you put back into it.
  • Place the drain oil container in the right position under the oil filter, located near the front bottom of the engine on the passenger side.
  • Using the right oil filter wrench, loosen the filter and unwind it until it drops off. Don’t turn it upside down otherwise you may spill it everywhere. Be careful, keep it upright and gently place it into a separate container and let it drain.
  • You’re now ready to insert the new filter. Make sure you tighten it just enough that it’s secured in place. If there are any spills at this point, give it a quick wipe and clean with an old rag.
  • Do a thorough check of your Jeep to ensure there’s nothing unusual out of place.
  • Start your car and let it run for a few minutes. After a few minutes, switch it off and check the oil level using a measuring stick. This gives you a good idea if you’ve put enough oil in the car – you don’t want to overfill it.
  • You are now ready to drive your Jeep Wrangler. Depending on the age and model of your vehicle, you should be good to go for another 10,000 km’s.
  • Happy driving!


Just Jeeps is a leading car wrecker located near Sunshine, Victoria. Our expert team lives and breathes anything Jeep related. If there’s anything you need to know about your Jeep vehicle, we are happy to help with any of your questions.  If you’re looking for some spare parts to complete your servicing experience, we source and supply only the best auto-wrecking parts available Australia wide.


For more information on your Jeep Wrangler, contact us on (03) 9312-3344 or jump online and visit us at www.justjeeps.com.au and we’ll get all your Jeep needs sorted quickly and efficiently.