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7 reasons why you should visit car wreckers for spare parts


Chasing second hand parts doesn’t have to be hard work. With thousands of bits and bobs to choose from at your local car wrecker, you can be confident in finding the right part for your vehicle at a fraction of the cost of a brand new one. Here are some good reasons why you should visit a car wrecker for all your spare part needs.


  1. Choose from thousands of items

A car wrecker is every car lover’s dream. With so many spare parts to choose from, you can guarantee you’ll find the right part for your vehicle. No two-car wreckers are the same though. Some specialise in certain makes and models cars like Mazda, Jeep or Nissan whereas others sell a range of different car brands under the one roof.  Before you venture out to one, it’s best to view their stock online and give them a call to find out if they have the part you need.


  1. Save money

Recycled parts are just as cost-effective than buying brand new from your supplier. Whether it’s an engine, car transmission or headlights, you will save a substantial amount of money buying good quality second hand parts, making it a cost-effective option for mechanics, repairers and the general public. Most car wreckers also offer a warranty for extra peace of mind too.


  1. High quality seconds

Why buy brand new when you can buy used parts at almost half the price? There are hundreds of gems that can be found at your local car wrecker that is still in relatively good condition. A reputable car wrecker will only sell parts that are in good condition and quality checked, ensuring customers receive only the best parts available. With a huge range of salvaged vehicles arriving daily, there’s no shortage of quality parts in stock.


  1. Shop online

Living in the digital age has made our shopping experience a lot easier. Finding the right part for you car is as easy as jumping online and viewing stock levels in real time. If you can’t find what you’re looking for online, give your local car wrecker a call directly. Most places process online orders and can even ship the item out to you Australia wide.   



  1. Environmental benefits

Buying recycled parts is a step in the right direction in terms of saving energy and industry resources. Car wreckers are part of that revolution and are making positive impact on the environment by promoting the use of recycled parts.


  1. Parts warranty


Larger items like engines and transmissions come with a warranty against defects such as heat damage, excessive oil usage, smoking and other concerns. Before you buy, we recommend doing a thorough check to ensure that what you are buying is exactly the right fit for your car otherwise a warranty can become void. Speak to your car wrecker directly and see if the component you’re buying is covered by a 3,6 or12-month parts and labour warranty.


  1. Expert Knowledge


Car wreckers are experts in identifying parts across a range of passenger vehicles including sedans, 4WD’s, trucks and vans.  No matter how big or small the spare part, your local car wrecker will have the answers to all your vehicle concerns.