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What is the most reliable jeep?


Jeep as a brand has a robust identity. The automobile production companies produce SUVs that can quickly go to places where some people only dare dream. The word "Jeep" clearly relates to the firm, adventurous, and reliable synonyms. They are sleek yet give rugged looks, sophisticated and bold. Jeeps come with many different features that provide a place for you and your gear adequately. Moreover, the latest features of Jeeps include infotainment technology. 


Talking about the reliability of Jeeps. It is always mandatory to ensure the reliability of a car to experience safe and smooth driving. Jeep is a brand with great inheritance, and people have always appreciated its design for a long time, which can also prove its reliability. However, to understand Jeeps' reliability better, read along with this article where we have shared the in-depth guide on various models of jeeps along with their features and specifications. From which, you can choose the best and reliable Jeep for yourself. Let's Begin!


Various types of Jeeps


There are varieties of Jeeps available in the market, and every model has its own characteristics; we have compiled the list of models and their attributes in this section; read on to know more about Jeeps!


Jeep Grand Cherokee

If you are an avid lover of adventurous trips, Jeep Grand Cherokee is a perfect model. It comes with four doors, five seats, and lots of trunk space, which also comes under the top-rated for off-roading and safety measures. Therefore, this model offers both adventures as well as safety which is rare to find in cars. Additionally, this model is available in four engines, 3.6L V6, 7L V8, Supercharged 6.2L V8, and 4L V8.


Moreover, according to your requirement, you can choose the model based on its power and efficiency. Additionally, Grand Cherokee comes in significant eleven different variants:

  • Altitude
  • Laredo
  • Limited
  • Limited X
  • Overland
  • Trailhawk
  • High Altitude
  • Summit
  • Upland
  • Trackhawk
  • SRT

Apart from this, Grand Cherokee is also equipped with daytime LED running lights and LED headlights, along with 19-inch wheels. If we talk about this model's capacity, it is 25.8 cubic feet with rear seats up and 54.7 cubic feet, which are folded along with it. Overall, it has a 128 cubic foot interior space. 


Jeep Wrangler

There is no denying that the Jeep Wrangler is one of the most prominent models in the Jeep listing. It is a classy Jeep with a removable top which is specially designed for those who are adventure lovers and adrenaline junkies. The Jeep Wrangler has a great history in American culture and adventure, making it the most noticeable vehicle on the road. One of this model's best features is that it has an excellent resale value; it has 56% resale value of its original price, which is impressive. 


Additionally, Jeep Wrangler comes in five different models, including Sport S, Sport, Rubicon, Sahara, and Moab, all vary in size, interior features, and doors. Wrangler is also equipped with modern technology and features like a touchscreen, in-built Bluetooth systems, making it one of the most reliable Jeeps. 


Jeep Compass

The Jeep Compass is truly amazing and gives value to money. Its unique navigation system and driving experience are perfect for the adventuresome. Moreover, with Compass, you do not have to worry about bad weather; it is built for terrible weather conditions like rain, storms, or snow. Besides, its windshield and side mirrors are equipped with heaters and auto-sensors to make your driving better during hurricanes. Its new features ensure safety on the road.


Additionally, it also comes in different seven variants, Sport, Upland, Latitude, High Altitude, Limited, Altitude, and Trailhawk. The design of wheels is also different from other trims. You will find 18-inch alloy wheels on the Limited frame and 17-inch off-road alloy wheels for the Trailhawk. Its new features have improved the performance of Compass. It is an excellent choice of off-road vehicle.


Jeep Patriot

Jeep Patriot is a comfortable SUV that provides on or off-road tasks, from long adventurous trips to small camping trips. It comes with a front-wheel drive or all-wheel drive with two different 4-cylinder engines. Moreover, transmission choices have a 5-speed manual or CVT. Additionally, the conventional 6-speed automatic transmission is added. 


Apart from this, In Patriot, you will get an option of 4 competent gasoline and diesel engine. Gas options include 2L OR 2.2L four-cylinder engines. On the other hand, Diesel engines have 2L and 2.4 displacement sizes. If we talk about the speed based on the machines, Gas engined offers five-speed manual or six-speed automatic transmission. Diesel, on the other side, provides a high-performance six-speed manual transmission. The Jeep Patriot is least expensive than other SUVs due to its average fuel economy, making it less reliable than the other models.


Jeep Renegade

The Jeep Renegade is an American SUV brand that offers genuine off-road features. This mode is perfect for both on-road and off-road trips. Renegade has a sleek and modern design which makes it stand out from the others. Besides, it comes with a four-door option and has six different variants in it:

  • Latitude
  • Altitude
  • Upland
  • Sport
  • Limited
  • Trailhawk


You can enjoy the off-road adventure with safety if you buy the Trailhawk trim. Moreover, if we talk about the reliability of the Renegade, it has only a rearview camera in standard safety features. For another part like lane-keeping assistance, forward collision warning, you need to buy the more expensive trim. However, Renegade doesn't have any advanced safety features in the standard version until you get your hands on the four-wheel drive. 


Now you know all the Jeep features and reliability, you can pick the best suitable Jeep according to your budget. If you still have any doubt and question in your mind, you can take the help of an expert like Just Jeeps Auto Wreckers.


Why keep Just Jeeps in your mind?


Just Jeep Auto Wreckers is one of the most reputed names in automation in Australia. We have the experience of more than 30 years in this industry. We are expert in dealing with modern Jeeps, their spare parts and many more things. If you have decided to buy a new Jeep or if you want spare parts for your old or new Jeep, you can undoubtedly rely on Just Jeeps. We deal online and offline, so you can take the help of an expert according to your comfort. To get more information about us we advise you to refer to our official website.