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What type of Jeep is best for you?


So, you’ve decided it’s time to get a new car. Something more powerful. Something that’s perfect for both on and off-road adventures. Something like a Jeep.


But then, you go to the dealership and are overrun with options – both exciting and nerve-wracking options. With that many models on offer, and such diversity in those models, how on earth are you supposed to pick the perfect one for you? Well, why not let your personality help you decide? We’ve created the ultimate Jeep guide (based on just that) so you can make sure you get the perfect Jeep for you and your personality.


Whether you’re spontaneous or adventurous, reliable or ahead of the curve there’s a perfect Jeep for you. So, don’t worry, all of your friends will be saying “Did you hear? They bought a Jeep” in no time.


The Spontaneous One

Are you the kind of person constantly dropping everything on the weekend for a random day trip? The kind always up for an adventure – even if it’s just a short one? If so, the Jeep Compass is the Jeep for you. Boasting massive power for such a small vehicle, the Compass is the perfect size for day or overnight trips. Adding adventure to your weekend is easy with this pocket-rocket perfectly suited for spontaneous trips – on or off-road. 


That One You Can Always Count On

You’re the one that gives good advice and always has a level head. Common sense runs through your veins, but don’t think that makes you boring. There is an underlying sense of adventure within you – the type of adventure that comes with every Jeep. Especially the Jeep Patriot. Perfectly balanced for both big weekend adventures and running you around during the week, the Jeep Patriot is the friend you can always count on. With versatility, affordability, and that classic Jeep-feel the Patriot is the perfect all-rounder. Plus, because it is so affordable and versatile, it’s the ideal Jeep for first time Jeep owners.


The Adventurous One

If you live by the philosophy bigger is better and more is more, the Jeep Wrangler is the ultimate choice for you. Offering both size and power, the Wrangler is the ultimate car for big personalities and big adventures. Suited to both city and off-road driving, the Wrangler is the perfect companion for all of your plans, wherever they may take you. Plus, there’s plenty of room so you can take your friends along for the ride too.


The One Ahead of the Curve

Are you the one that never forgets what to pack on a trip? The one that’s super reliable and super organized, whilst also being super stylish? Then your ideal car match is the Jeep Grand Cherokee. With more space and a little more power than the Compass, the Grand Cherokee will get you from A to B with room for everything you could ever need. Whether for you that means kids or work equipment, the Grand Cherokee is the ultimate Jeep for transporting everything at once. Plus, it will do so in style.