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Why you should Buy a Jeep


Why you should Buy a Jeep


The Jeep is a special kind of car that has become an icon in the automotive industry. The exceptional shapes of its models are evident, and the trademark of different circular headlights and as well as its off-road brand are second to none. The question is – what category of people drive Jeeps?


People who believe driving can be fun and want to be among a special group of people who have discovered amazing benefits of driving one of these luxurious vehicles every evening are in this category. To say the truth, there will always be some hurdles on the road including traffic jams, construction crews barrier, red lights, and much more; however, if you are behind the wheel of any brand of a Jeep, all these are a kind of fun for you. Every Jeep driver always loves to stay longer in his or her vehicle; hence, traffic jam or red light might even be considered a plus.

Do you love amazing outdoor trips to the beach or off-roads, or have a large pet that you would love to cruise in your car? You can choose any of the models to suit your purpose. What of cruising sandy west coast beaches or driving up the mountain roads? Are you looking for something great and fun to steer through the punishments of the weathering element? Let’s face it; no other car can do all these except a Jeep. Hence, a Jeep is an option for you. 


Jeep spare parts such as jeep engine/motors, jeep transmission/gearbox, body parts, and engine cooling system, electrical switches, fuel supply system, and other essential spare parts of Jeeps are readily available. This availability and ease of getting these spare parts make Jeep one of the favorite vehicles for many people. We have a million of them in stock to serve your need.

There are more than enough reasons to buy a Jeep. If you want to know what makes Jeep so special to buy, this post will expose you to some benefits of owning one. But let’s briefly look at different brands of Jeep. Read on to discover.


Different Types/Models of Jeep


Jeep is rooted back to World War II, and it was found that the company has designed some top-notch off-road vehicles capable of withstanding any condition or weather. The Willy’s Jeeps were most famous before they evolved into the CJ Jeeps, which eventually gave rise to Wrangler. Jeep continues to maintain its stands since over 70 years of existence. Since then till now, Jeep has been coming 

up with one model or the other. The types listed here may vary by designs, features, functionalities, and much more. However, the benefits of each cannot be compared to any other cars out there. Below is a list of different types of Jeeps:

  • Jeep Grand Cherokee: This is a unibody chassis model designed by American manufacturer Chrysler, Jeep division. It is a mid-size SUV that catches the attention of many Jeep lovers.
  • Jeep Compass: Jeep Compass is one of the crossover SUVs produced by Jeep which was introduced into the market for the 2007 model year. Both Patriot and Jeep Compass introduced as Jeep’s entry-level sport utility cars but slot below the Jeep Wrangler. Now, let’s talk about Jeep Wrangler.
  • Jeep Wrangler: The Jeep Wrangler is a mid-size sports utility vehicle with a compact four-wheel off-road drive produced by American automaker Chrysler. It is the third manufactured vehicle under its Jeep marque.
  • Jeep Patriot: This is one of the compact crossover SUVs produced by the Jeep marque of Chrysler for 2007 model year. Jeep Patriot was debuted publicly in 2006 but formally introduced to the market in early 2007.
  • Jeep Liberty: It is also referred to as a Jeep Cherokee. Jeep marque of Chrysler introduced Jeep Liberty from model 2002-2013 to replace Cherokee. This compact SUV is designed to win the heart of many Jeep lovers.
  • Jeep Cherokee: It was manufactured by the American Motors Corporation, Jeep division from 1974 through 1983. The Jeep Cherokee SJ series was a full-size SUV car similar to the Wagoneer.
  • Jeep CJ: This is a civilized imitation of the popular World War II Willys military Jeep prototype which was manufactured in 1994. However, the Jeep CJ maintains its basic design with more modification to meet the current civilized model.
  • Jeep Commander: This is another mid-size SUV from 2006 to 2010 from the Jeep division of the American Manufacturer Chrysler. The Jeep Commander (XK) offers what any Jeep lovers may love to see in the car.
  • Jeep Trailhawk: The Jeep Trailhawk was unveiled at an event tagged 2007 North American International Auto Show. The mid-size concept SUV is a dual feature cruising capabilities of traditional off-road and refined on-road power.
  • Jeep Wagoneer: It is the first luxury 4x4 sports utility car produced and sold from 1963 to 1991 by many marques before it was coined the “4WD”.
  • Jeep Hurricane: The Jeep Hurricane was unveiled in Detroit at the 2005 North American International Auto Show by American off-road brand Jeep. It is one of the bespoke custom concept vehicles you can find as at that time.
  • Jeep Cherokee (XJ): The Jeep Cherokee (XJ) was earlier produced and marketed by the Jeep division of American Motors following by Chrysler. It is a compact SUV that shares the name of the real full-size SJ model.

Other models worthy of mentioning are Jeep Commander Limited, Jeep Wrangler Unlimited Sahara, and Jeep Renegade – the big cars in town. They are newly introduced models of Jeeps that are never too common around the globe.


Top 8 Reasons to Buy a Jeep


There are many reasons to buy a Jeep. While the reasons may be based on individual, unique features of the vehicle are something to write home about.  Ranging from fuel economy, affordability, to their luxurious interior and exterior package, Jeep is a great option to consider. Highlighted below are the top reasons to buy a Jeep:


They are affordable


Jeep is one of the most cost-effective vehicles that have value for its price. While many new model cars are introduced to the market at exorbitant prices, Jeeps are different. You tend to get values for your buck. A big car is not a big money when it comes to Jeeps. You get what you pay for, in terms of a powerful engine, lots of excellent features, and as well as unique off-road characteristics.


They are very safe


Jeeps are equipped with a variety of safety features such as 3-point seatbelts, front disc, rear drum brakes, dual frontal airbags, and lots more. The vehicle is designed to offer the most safety protection you may find in a car with one of the top crash test ratings.


They have excellent looks inside-out


Jeeps are designed to catch the attention of passersby with their great looks inside and outside. Both exterior and interior are well structured for pleasant looks. They are equipped with elegant light designs. For example, the Wrangler has a stiffened body structure like that of a tour de force with new modern X-shaped tail lights and headlight designs. These and many more give the vehicle outstanding inward and outward appearance.


They are fuel economy cars


Fuel economy is one of the reasons you should strive to buy a Jeep. They are designed to produce great horsepower without consuming much gas. Its fuel economy is second to none; so, if you want a car that serves you and guzzle less fuel, think about any model of Jeeps.


They are a quiet running ride


Jeeps offer on-road comfort with much-needed quietness one can find in any wheel drive. The wheelbase is perfectly constructed for smooth and silent cruising both on-road and off-road. The rear wheels of Wrangler, for instance, enhance off-road capability and on-road comfort more than any other related vehicle. Jeeps are equipped with improved sound dampening under the hood, adding an extra 30% quietness compared to other cars.


They are the best off-roaders


Jeeps can run in any weather condition be it snow, flood, or swamp. They are capable of cruising off-road regardless of whether the place is rocky, rough or sandy, and ply other unsurfaced tracks or roads such as places with mud, riverbeds, and as well as other natural terrains. Jeeps are known for their effective traction and safe driving on water fording areas and icy conditions. What else do you want in a car?


Spare parts availability


Availability of spare parts is one of the celebrated benefits of owning a Jeep. Any spare part including engines, transmission gearbox, and as well as body part and suspension system can be found and ordered online. Many Jeep aftermarket companies supply any Jeep parts you may want. Where can I find Jeep parts? Relax! This will be discussed soon.


They have a huge salvage value


Buying a Jeep is like investing or saving money. After using your Jeep to your satisfaction, some companies such as Just Jeeps Auto Wreckers are ready to buy your used Jeep at a reasonable amount. Hence, you have nothing to lose buying a Jeep.


I have a Jeep, but only looking for spare parts. Where can I find one?


If you are already a Jeep owner but your off-roader is down due to unavailability of one spare part or the other, this is your last bus-stop. Just Jeep is a specialist in the Jeep, Dodge and Chrysler Auto Dismantling world, Servicing Jeep Dodge and 

Chrysler owners in Melbourne and the entire Australia. We solve your Jeep Dodge & Chrysler spare part needs with our high-tech inventory system to offer accurate parts interpreting services.

All types of Jeep spare parts are in stock. You can check out our spare part availability page to find out your needs. We always ensure that you enjoy your Jeeps with our provision of the right and original spare parts whenever you need them. If you have any query or info about on different models of Jeep, don’t hesitate to email us at info@justjeeps.com.au or call 03 9312 3344 or use the Contact Page